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Precinct Chair 3009

I A Precinct Chair is the local representative of the political party at the neighborhood, grass-roots level. The primary job of a Precinct Chair is to increase voters for that party by contacting neighbors, distributing literature and working with other Precinct Chairs. Precinct Chairs can be Election Judges or Alternate Judges but they are not required to be.Precinct Chairs are also members of the Executive Committee of their county party. The Executive Committee meets periodically and is responsible for reviewing and approving party activities and filling vacant Precinct Chair positionsAny registered voter can become the Precinct Chair in the voting precinct where they live. A person can be elected in the party Primary, or chosen to fill an open spot by the County Executive Committee. Precinct Chairs serve a 2 year term without compensation.
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    Jeff Strater (Dem) Marketing Manager

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    Gary Foster (Dem) Retired Educator and Entrepreneur

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INVOLVEMENT: Describe how you have been involved in the political process in the last 2 years?

VISION: If elected, what would you most like to accomplish during the next term?

OUTREACH: What steps would you take to increase outreach to voters in your precinct?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe are most pressing in your precinct, and how would you address them?

Age 47
Education B.S., Southern Illinois University M.S., Kansas State University
Campaign Phone (214) 893-1336
Twitter @jeffstrater
For over 20 years I have been involved as a community volunteer ranging from serving on the City of Dallas Planning and Zoning Commision to serving in an elected capacity as the State Democratic Executive Committeeman. In last two years I played a key role organizing Dallas County in support of our party's nominee for President by organizing volunteers, conducting events and fundraising. Also in the past two years I served at the Vice Chair for Finance for the Texas Democratic Party working with the party staff in the approval process of their budget by the state executive committee. Served as former chair Dallas County Democratic Party's Fundraising Committee; founded Park Cities Central Dallas Democrats; past Young Democrats officer.
The key role for our precinct chair needs to be voter education and mobilization. Our precinct needs a chair who is committed to keeping the precinct informed on key elections, election activities and opportunities for involvement. I am an organizer and I want to organize our precinct so that the voters are informed and engaged. My vision is regular voter education and mobilization for our precinct which has been missing the last eight years.
Outreach in our precinct needs to be done in new and old formats. We need to embrace social media, build a good email list and send snail mail on occasion to inform voters of upcoming elections. Steps I would take include a social media effort (including the neighborhood app NextDoor), contact list for email communications and regular postal mail to the precinct. Unfortunately, there has been very little outreach in our precinct in the last eight years.
While our precinct has decent voter turnout, it can be better. The most pressing issue is that we have so many young professionals moving into the neighborhood and multi-family residences. We need to make sure we extend our outreach to include them and not alienate. Voter registration, information and mobilization has been missing in this precinct for the last eight years.
Age 64
Education MS. Educ.Ad., Economics, Texas A&M U BS. Marketing, Univ. Central Okla
Campaign Phone (214) 763-5294
Precinct chairs should be involved at the LOCAL & county level. I am always a member of the BPNA homeowner, swimming pool , and Friends of Exall Park, separately. I attend those meetings and always bring and write newsletter voter information to the group regardless of party. I walk with candidates in my precinct, host walks from my home, & outside. I am th election judge for precinct 3009, and 3010 and 3011 when they are combined. My poll workers love me and I love and respect them. I am a member of the DCDP Advisory Committee elected by all precinct chairs in SD32 3 times in a row! I wrote and passed four resolutions inside the DCDP in North Texas in the last two years, and am a delegate to the SD and state conventions.
Bryan Place is doubling in population. This has happened in approximately two years. It is important to to keep Bryan Place as one contiguous precinct and I will work within the county election department, commission, and DCDP to make sure that integrity is maintained. It is best for Bryan Place. Bryan Place has traditionally voted above the county average by 10% to 15% and that number must be maintained. More social media WHICH IS POSITIVE and informative without casting dispersions on anything is a must. Developing block captains and captains inside each of the developmental HOA’s and apartments is also a must.
Be everywhere possible. Talking to people everyday on daily dog walks. Social media. Targeted email marketing to known Democratic voters. Integration with East Dallas/Lakewood Democrats, Park Cities Central Dallas Democrats, Stonewall Democrats of Dallas, the Dallas County Democratic Party Advisory Committee, the Dallas County Democratic Party Executive Committee, the DCDP Inclusiveness Committee, The Dallas College of Complexes, American Indian Heritage Day in Texas, Grace United Methodist Church, the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church, as well as non-partisan local elected officials specifically the school board and city council are a must.

This race is a dichotomy of the interpretation of politics. I believe immensely that the precinct chair should have both eyes inside the precinct. I believe that the values of the precinct should be brought to the party clubs and the County Democratic Party and I work hard to do that. POSITIVE contribution is a must. I love Bryan Place voters. I have loved Bryan Place (3009) for twenty years and know almost everyone and they know and respect me. I believe all public comments about Bryan Place and Democratic Party should be positive. That is the best thing for the neighborhood and the best way to build voter participation, which is the ultimate goal of the precinct chair. Vote to the bottom of the ballot, for Gary Foster, 3009, chair.