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Texas Senate, District 25

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    Shannon K. McClendon (Rep) Attorney

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What processes do you support to improve elections and voter turnout in Texas?

Identify three measures that you would support that reduce gun violence.

After publication of the 2020 census, new congressional, state and State Board of Education districts will be redrawn. What process do you support to ensure fair representation?

What would you do to provide and fund an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-k through grade 12?

What are your legislative priorities for the Texas environment?

What would you do to ensure healthcare for all Texans?

Explain three priorities for the Texas government in the next three years.

What policies would you support to protect against sexual harassment and assault?

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Experience Experienced attorney and 5-time Rick Perry Appointee.
Our State and Country function best when voters are engaged and informed. I support measures that encourage voters to get to the ballot box to vote and realize that their vote matters. To this extent, it is critical that our elections process be fair and free from any bias or attempts at voter fraud. That’s why it’s important we work to educate the citizenry on the issues and comply with Voter ID laws. We should also review technology innovations that would increase voter participation.
We need to focus on reducing violence of all types. Three key measures would be: 1. To focus resources on mental health including raising awareness and communication, 2. Provide help for our veterans returning from deployments; 3. Better address domestic violence and consequences for same. As a licensed gun owner myself, I understand the importance of gun safety. However, the violence that is associated with guns is not caused by the guns. The right to keep and bear arms is a Constitutional right that should never be infringed upon.
It is vital that districts be drawn in such a way that they do not discriminate in any way against any Texan. We should try to preserve communities of interest and adhere to Supreme Court guidance.
It is clear that the legislature must address the question of how to best and adequately fund our public school system. The Texas Constitution says plainly that the state must provide proper funding for public schools. A greater percentage of school funding must be covered at the state level to allow for local property tax relief. I am committed to solving this issue and ensuring a strong public school system that focuses on students and maintaining fiscal transparency. Voucher systems would pull funding away from the public school system in a manner that is not conducive to ensuring the best education for our Texas children.
Water and wastewater treatment are critical parts of our infrastructure that must be addressed as a legislative priority. Hays, Comal, and Kendall Counties are all in Texas Senate District 25 and these counties are among the top 10 fastest growing counties in the entire United States. The two are not mutually exclusive or contradictory. I support further investment in wind energy, renewable energy, and increased implementation of the State Water Plan.
We need a healthcare system that is patient-focused and puts individuals in charge of their own plan rather than an overreaching bureaucracy. Obamacare is too costly and separates individuals from the doctors of their choice. Texans deserve the doctor of their choice, the plan of their choice, and an equitable system that works for their families.
Over the next 3 years, the Texas government must address public school finance (loosen the reliance on property taxes) and releasing our school systems from regulatory bureaucracy that encumbers the education of our school children. This also includes ensuring that the Teacher Retirement System is able to uphold commitments made to our retired teachers. Second, the rate of growth in Senate District 25 is outpacing our infrastructure development. We must address these infrastructure related issues now. Third, the Legislature needs to ensure that Texas is doing all we can to fight human trafficking and support our law enforcement in all its efforts.
Texas should ensure that we follow due process and impose stricter punishment on perpetrators with associated mental health counseling. We should also be educating both adults and children that consent requires a "yes" not just the absence of forceful "no". Our law enforcement should be given the resources necessary to timely pursue sexual assault accusations -- including eliminating the backlog of laboratory testing of rape kits. Men and women in positions of power should not be allowed to exert that power in an abusive or harassing manner. Also, it is refreshing to see that the historical societal forces of victim shaming and silence are being addressed. I would support additional punishment and investigation of the issues of human trafficking and the associated sexual assault. Deportation alone is not a solution to this problem that can rip families apart.