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Nueces County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 2

Justice of the Peace The Justice of the Peace Court is a constitutional office whose origins date back to the early days of Texas statehood. Justice of the Peace courts have original jurisdiction in Class C offenses. These courts also have jurisdiction of minor civil matters. A Justice of the Peace may issue search or arrest warrants, and may serve as the coroner in counties where there is no provision for a medical examiner. The Justices are elected to a four-year term of office by the voters residing in that precinct. Additionally, Justices of the Peace are required by law to complete an 80-hour course covering the proper execution of that office's uties the first time they serve. After that, they must complete twenty hours of relevant coursework per year. The following is a partial list of the functions that these courts oversee: Magisterial Duties Determines probable cause, issues arrest warrants, issues both adult and juvenile statutory warnings, and conducts bail examinations for arrested persons. Determinies whether there is reasonable probability of a judgment being rendered against a person as a result of an accident while operating a motor vehicle without insurance. Conducts reviews for sufficiency and issuance of search warrants. Conducts magistrations (Miranda Rights) for both adult and juveniles. Issues emergency protective orders. Reviews applictions for emergency detention and issues mental health and chemical dependency warrants. Conducts hearings concerning the disposition of stolen property. Conducts handgun license denial hearings. Conducts driver's license suspension hearings. Conducts death investigations and orders autopsies. As a local registrar of vital statistics, birth and death certificates are completed, registered and recorded and sent to the State Bureau of Vital Statistics. Conducts towing hearings. Conducts review for sufficiency and issuance of warrants to seize cruelly treated animals. Description of OfficeHears traffic and other Class C misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only.Hears civil cases with up to $10,000 in controversy.Hears landlord and tenant disputes.Hears truancy cases.Performs magistrate duties.Conducts inquests.
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    Thelma Rodriguez (Rep) Justice Of The Peace, Precinct 2 Place 2

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    Irma G. Serna (Rep) Business Support Service Manager

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    Carlos Vela (Rep) Attorney

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Campaign Phone Number (361) 765-9797
I have worked for five Justices Of The Peace and have gained considerable knowledge from these Judges. I was elected Justice of The Peace in 2014 and I am now in my fourth year in office. Upon taking office I was able to confidently start hearing cases and have no back log on any cases brought before my court. I have attended seminars held by the Texas Justice Court Training Centers and have gained extensive knowledge from these seminars. Based on the experience I have gained, I have the knowledge and compassion to make the decisions needed on every case that comes before me.
Evictions: Due to time restraints I hear evictions every Wednesday to be able to expedite these matters in a timely fashion. My office is also opened through lunch to accommodate the parties involved. Truancy: My largest docket. Heard on an individual basis, as every student has their own reason why they are missing school. No two cases are the same and I have compassion and patience with every student, but am stern in my rulings. My court is second in the state for truancy cases heard. Due to my attention to these cases, Flour Bluff ISD truancies have decreased by 45%.
Based on the knowledge I have gained over the past 22 years working for several JP's and the last 3 years as the Justice of the Peace, I possess the COMPASSION to listen to students that are having issues with attending school. I possess the ABILITY to rule in the best interest of the student and to instill the importance of attending school and getting an education. I possess the KNOWLEDGE to make EDUCATED judgments. I am RESPECTED by my peers, evidenced by them selecting me Presiding Judge. I was appointed by the Texas Justice Court Training Center as a MENTOR for newly elected Judges.
I worked for Nueces County Justices Of The Peace for 22 years and worked my way from clerk to office manager. I developed an interest in becoming a Justice Of The Peace and decided to run for this office. In 2014 I was elected by my constituents. I want to continue to be the Judge because I feel that I am not done. Since taking office I have made a serious impact addressing truancy and all other issues brought before my court. There are no back logs to any of my dockets. Upon being re-elected I will continue to serve my constituents, all law enforcement and most importantly the students.
Campaign Phone Number (361) 774-9227
I received my Bachelor of Business Administration Management Degree in May of 2009. I have worked in the private sector for the past 20 years. I have had the opportunity to oversee and manage the daily operations, fiscal budgets, annual inventory audits and administrative duties. I am a detail oriented person who strives to provide high quality service, compassion, excellent customer service and treat all individuals with respect and dignity.  I possess and strive for high standards in my everyday responsibilities.
I would assure that the daily hours of operations would be from M- F (8 a.m.-5 p.m.). I would like to see a decrease of back log dockets in both the Civil and C misdemeanor cases. By having an efficient and effective court would allow us to expedite cases in a timely matter. There are always more efficient ways to improve processes by identifying gaps, redundancies and inefficiencies to streamline the daily process. Truancy continues to be a key focus in our community and schools. I would like to build a strong relationship with truancy officers and befriend the parents to make a difference.
I feel that my background in office administration as well as my Bachelor’s Degree in Business will both be beneficial in running a proficient and successful precinct. As a Justice of the Peace, I will utilize my strengths to collaborate, communicate and be proactive in areas that are in need, such as truancy amongst our youth. I would like to both promote and enhance active student and parental community involvement. I also feel that my 20 years of experience working in a hospital setting will allow me to provide excellent customer service to any individuals that may require my assistance.
I have a true admiration of our community and I want to make a difference. My pledge is to represent the citizens of Precinct 2 Place 2 in a manner that ensures that their rights are protected and that the law is upheld in all matters. I am competent in complying with all of the court’s responsibilities, which includes court reporting requirements, financials and record retention. I feel that my background, integrity and ethics can make a difference with me being a successful Justice of the Peace for Precinct 2, Place 2.
Campaign Phone Number (361) 549-4197
I am a licensed attorney and also the only prosecutor to handle the entire Nueces County’s truancy and criminal cases in all nine of the county’s justice courts. I personally review each and every single petition from every school district in the County. I am currently working with many of the school districts to help lower the truancy rate and have students be successful. As an attorney, I am familiar with all the civil and criminal laws that are most commonly used in these justice courts. I plan to dedicate my qualifications and time needed to analyze all aspects of law when ruling.
Having a judge available for our constituents at all times is of the upmost importance. Truancy rates in our schools indicate that our students are in a crisis. I will be a full time judge with an open door policy. I will be there readily available to conduct ordinary court business Monday through Friday 8-5. I also anticipate to set and achieve goals and implement programs and partner with our school districts to lower truancy rates. I will cater to all small claims, truancy, and every other matter conducted in this court. I will serve our constituents professionally and efficiently.
It is critical that a judge has a clear understanding of the law and make rulings based on legal analysis and not just from a personal perspective. Rules of evidence and rules of procedure are part of the court system. As an attorney, I have extensively studied the law, passed the bar exam, and have the ability to come up with proper legal analysis using case and black letter law. This will ensure that attorneys and private citizens will receive a fair trial based on the law and not just on personal beliefs or point of views. My patience and devotion will give everyone the attention deserved
There is so much potential for this court, and I want to build on that. I have a passion for public service and I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I want students to have the opportunity to be successful in life. Students in our school districts are in a crisis because they are being truant at an alarming rate. I will encourage parent’s participation in education. My presence in the court and schools along with the programs that I will implement will help lower truancy rates. My commitment to this position is that of a full time judge and nothing less will be acceptable