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County Commissioner, Precinct 2

Primary Election - Tuesday, March 6, 2018(Early Voting: Tuesday, February 20-Friday, March 2, 2018)Lubbock County Commissioners serve a 4-year-term.
  • Jason Corley (Rep) Small Businessman

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    Nick Harpster (Dem) Instructor

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    Mark E. Heinrich (Rep) Lubbock County Commissioner Pct. 2

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Education 2001 Graduate of Lubbock Cooper High School 2006 Graduate of West Texas A&M
As the owner of a small business I have learned to work within a tight budget and still provide the goods and services I have promised to my customers. As your Lubbock County Commissioner I will bring the same attitude of customer service and frugal budgeting to the Commissioner's Court.
Lubbock County should work with ALL municipalities within the county, not just the city of Lubbock. The Sheriff's office works well with local police departments to curb the sale of drugs and violent crime in Lubbock County. As your commissioner I will insure the sheriff has the needed funding to continue his work. The transitional areas in our roadways should also be a concern/shared effort between the county and the municipalities as well.
Property Tax reform is the single most important issue facing Lubbock County. As property values continue to increase we need to replace our "tax and spend" commissioners with fiscal conservatives who are willing to stop giving themselves excessive pay raises, cut wasteful spending, and prioritize public transportation and Safety.
Campaign Phone (806) 702-4466
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Education Sam Houston State University - Ph.D in Criminal Justice, Expected 2018; St. Ambrose University - MA in Criminal Justice; University of Nebraska at Lincoln - BA in Sociology Minors in Political Science and English
Twitter @picknick2018
Being an educator qualifies me for this office because I can communicate ideas and be an effective listener. I am willing to research and verify the facts before using critical thinking skills to make a decision. I have also worked with very diverse populations, so I can relate to the blend of citizens in Lubbock County.
I believe that issues of mutual concern between the county and city should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If both would mutually profit/suffer from the issue of concern, the parties should equally take responsibility. If either would profit/suffer more than the other, the one with the most at stake should take the lead. Regardless of the situation, the parties should have joint discussions to assure that the best option is implemented.
As Lubbock reaches a population of 250,000, the crime rate is certain to rise in the county. My background will help me work with law enforcement to make sure the resources needed to counter, if not prevent some activities from happening, are provided. Part of increasing public safety is trust between citizens and law enforcement. I will work to increase dialogue between citizens and law enforcement to raise awareness and understanding of policy.
Campaign Phone (806) 828-3572
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Education I received a Bachelor's of Science in Agriculture Education from Texas Tech University in 1985.
My experience and knowledge of 11 years as the County Commissioner is a fundamental qualification for re-election. I have been instrumental every year balancing the budget and lowering the tax rate for the 2014 and 2015 budgets. My style consists of a level-headed approach, while listening, researching, and cooperating.
The county and city currently cooperate on issues such as: public library services, vector control, Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization, elections, general assistance, inmate work programs, Overton TIF, Lubbock Business Park TIF, interoperability, and Loop 88 feasibility study. I have and will continue to research any duplication of services between the county and the city, to ensure that the citizen's taxes are spent efficiently.
Public Safety and Transportation in a fast-growing county. As your County Commissioner, I have allocated expenditures for more S.O. patrol units and personnel to increase presence, and a radio system upgrade for interoperability between law enforcement agencies. I already allocated ROW funds for year 1 of a 5 year 7.25-million-dollar plan to build Loop 88 and with my experience and leadership, I will continue to research transportation concerns.