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U.S. Representative District 2

Duties: Representatives make laws along with the members of the Senate, and may conduct investigations on issues of national importance. Laws that impose taxes always begin in the House of Representatives. Representatives can recommend that the Senate remove from office a public official accused of a crime.Term: Two yearsBase Salary: $174,000How Elected: Elected by voters in each congressional district. Maryland has eight of the 435 Representatives, based on the state's population in the 2010 Census.Website:

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    Liz Matory

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    C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger

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    Michael Carney

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    Guy Mimoun

Biographical Information

QUALIFICATIONS: How does your experience prepare you for the duties of this office?

HEALTH CARE: What changes in federal healthcare policy do you advocate and why?

DISCRIMINATION: What policies will you support to address discrimination based on race, gender, religion, disability, or poverty?

ECONOMIC POLICY: What policies will you support to strengthen the national economy, such as those affecting international trade, taxes, labor rights, and infrastructure?

IMMIGRATION: What changes, if any, will you support in immigration policy?

ENVIRONMENT: What are the most pressing environmental challenges and how will you address them?

OTHER PRIORITIES: What other issues are priorities for you?

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I'm a former Democrat turned Republican! I have had several career, educational, and life experiences that will help us better prepare for our country's future. In addition to my law and business degrees, I have worked to find equity in access to resources, communication, and truth. As congresswoman, I will fight to make sure that our congress represents the people first and not special interest.
Crony capitalists (BigPharma/Insurance Lobby/Paid Politicians) have destroyed our health care system. Both my parents and two of my siblings were surgeons, and they spoke about how different the practice of medicine had become. Healthcare is more about profiting even before Obamacare. But Socialized Medicine is NOT the answer. Individuals must have options. Free the market. Stabilize pricing.
There are very few policies that can address any lingering discrimination that exists in our society. We have many laws on the books already. We just need enforcement. My concern is that we are in a "cry wolf" scenario. We have become desensitized to real issues. What we need is 1) a stronger appreciation for our God given potential and 2) respect for each other to express that potential.
We have lost our economic ladder. We must free the market place from burdensome regulations and taxes that favor the powerful incumbents that lobby congress to protect their market share. When innovative companies form and grow, citizens and families benefit. I support temp tariffs for some industries to help rebuild our nation's economy, address currency manipulation, intellectual property theft.
Immigration policy is the constitutional responsibility of Congress. I'd push to enforce the laws that exist on our books and support local and state governments who work to protect the safety and security of their citizens, like 287(g). I would support full funding of border enforcement and perimeter strengthening, increase criminal penalties for drug and human traffickers and gang violence.
Conservative and conservation come from the same root "conserve". Whether for our republic or our lands, it is a personal virtue not a government mandate to conserve our natural resources as it is for our nation. We have very strict environmental laws already on the books that need fair enforcement. We should allow regions to give guidance who have lived off the land for generations.
We have to emphasize American citizenship and national sovereignty. Our Country is exceptional and Americans have every right to defend it from enemies both foreign and domestic. We need to protect our civil liberties, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th. End government overreach and encroachment into the lives of private citizens. We must protect the Right to Life. Honor our service members and families.
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I have served in public office for nearly 40 years, including eight terms in Congress, where I have developed a reputation for supporting bipartisan, common sense legislation. I am an expert in national security issues and leverage my role as an Appropriator to ensure the Second District gets its fair share. I have also built one of the best casework teams in the country to serve my constituents.
There is no question the Affordable Care Act is imperfect, but repeal is not the answer. We need to maintain its consumer protections and the individual mandate. I think we should consider a “public option” and allowing Americans to buy into Medicare at a younger age. I would also support expanding the exemption for small businesses to reduce costs for many American employers.
There is no place in our society for discrimination of any kind. That’s why I support ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment and passing The Equality Act. I recently fought efforts to undermine the Americans with Disabilities Act, as another example. Raising the minimum wage and improving our education system would go a long way toward closing the wealth gap.
I believe the middle class needs to make more money, which is why I support extending tax cuts for the working class – not just the wealthy – as well as a minimum wage increase. Robust “Buy American” provisions and workers’ rights will also help strengthen the middle class. I support investing in infrastructure to create jobs, as well as tax incentives for small business.
I support the bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform package passed in the Senate in 2013, which included protections for Dreamers. We must work to secure our borders with a 21st century “wall” of technology and manpower and to deport illegal immigrants who have committed violent crimes. We should target businesses who knowingly hire illegal immigrants at the expense of American workers.
The progress we have seen in the health of the Chesapeake Bay is in jeopardy: the Administration has proposed eliminating the Chesapeake Bay Program and others have proposed removing core Clean Water Act protections for polluted streams, rivers and tributaries in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. As an Appropriator, I will fight for full Bay funding as well as these dangerous regulatory changes.
Both national and economic security remain top priorities for me: we must make sure we are prepared for the threats of tomorrow, like cyber attacks and nuclear weapons. Congress needs to stop the partisan bickering and find ways to create jobs and help businesses grow. Locally, we must provide communities with the resources they need to address the opioid epidemic and gun violence.
Ideally, the only qualification to be a representative is being a part of the community, which I very much am. I have spent many years working and being involved in the several of the communities making up my district. District 2 also contains two US Army bases, Ft Meade and Aberdeen Proving Grounds. I served as an enlisted man in the Army for four years.
My focus for healthcare is a focus on market, and using legislation to ensure competition and prevent monopolies. While there is a lot of reasons to look at single payer, and I am willing to consider it, I am not convinced it will address the reasons for the extreme prices we're seeing. The most effective means to improve health care will be to improve the quality of life of poor and rural people
In the long term, Discrimination is only possible with legislative support. In that mind set, I will focus on making urban spaces more livable, bringing jobs and money back into the city centers. I will also seek legislation that will end the focusing of federal housing loans on new homes, making it easier for people of low income to purchase and improve older homes. I will end For-Profit prisons.
All of these issues are questions of Economy. The key to a strong economy is to maximize opportunity for as many people as possible. To manage that, we have to make it easier for people to build privately owned businesses, owning and operating them. This, combined with housing changes, will revitalize the urban environment. I will support bills that encourage competition and end monopolies.
I will pursue legislation to ease immigration and migration laws, as well as providing a legal distinction between the two. We are a country of immigrants, a nation without ethnicity. We are based on laws and justice, and as such, all immigrants are innocent until proven guilty. As such, detainment of them is a despicable and immoral practice. I am against the construction of the Wall.
The primary goals should be to create a sustainable, next gen energy system, and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. These include pushing for support mass transit systems and next gen nuclear power, which has solved many of the problems with older generators that we are all familiar with. I will end government support of states and companies that encourage dependency on outdated fuels.
Military: Changing the dynamic between the military and the industrial complex. The dependency on powerful firms has trapped us in a cycle of burning money and lives, saddling us with a huge burden. I would severely curtail our use of military alliances and oversea bases, most notably in the middle east. The notion that the people and powers there are a threat to us is simply a lie.
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I recieved a qualtiy education from Hunter College and have worked extensively in sales and managment as well as own my own business but more importantly I understand what the position entails, specifically the power granted to Congress to make laws declare war and deficit spend on the public purpose rather than special interest who have used a bought congress to their exlusive advantage.
While Repubicans wish to repeal the Affordable Care Act (A Republican Plan that was enacted by Governor Mitt Romney) and Democrats who claim to improve upon it as is the case seen in the incumbents position, I will replace it with Medicare For All & have it paid without raising taxes by deficit spending through Congressional appropriations. If we can afford war, we can afford healthcare.
There already federal laws in place for protected classes however parity still lacks for the LGBTQ+ community. For the disabled and pensioners, the benefit amount will be increased to match with cost of living enabling payments to become a basic income. With 50% of Americans living on or below the poverty line & 500,000 homeless, I will undo Clinton era "austerity" that decimated social programs.
We need a Green New Deal (GND) which will divest our energy needs from fossil fuels to renewables at zero cost to the taxpayer. This will create many jobs which will necessitate for a Federal Jobs Guarantee (FJG). The FJG can also address our crumbling infrastructure. A Worker Cooperative program will be created to help workers become owners by democratize the economy and further secure it.
Amenesty to all DREAMers. According to the Anti Defamation League there are roughly 787,000 people who benefited from the DREAM act only to be marginally protected under DACA when DREAM wasn't reauthorized.These are people who consider themselves American with no roots to their country of Origin. We need a comprehensive immigration policy which starts with ending regime change and fair trade deals
Federaly fund divestment completely away from Fossil Fuels which is the main driver for Climate Change & air pollution. A jobs act that will retrain people in the oil industry & apply their talent to transition America's energy needs to renewalbes. Ban Fracking, Ban Neonicotinoids to protect pollinators (6000x more toxic than DDT) & address lead contamination in Maryland's drinking water.
-Restore Glass Stegal -Repeal The Stock Act -Enact A Permanent Payroll Tax Holiday To Help Increase The Minimum Wage To $15/hr -Ban & Buyout Private Prisons -End the warrantless spying & data collecting on Americans -Repeal the telecommunications act

-Reinstitute the Countering Disinformation & Propaganda Act -End The Drug War -End Citzens United -Restore Our Civil Liberties/Amend NDAA