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Duties: Representatives make laws along with the members of the Senate, and may conduct investigations on issues of national importance. Laws that impose taxes always begin in the House of Representatives. Representatives can recommend that the Senate remove from office a public official accused of a crime.Term: Two yearsBase Salary: $174,000How Elected: Elected by voters in each congressional district. Maryland has eight of the 435 Representatives, based on the state's population in the 2010 Census.Website:

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    John Sarbanes

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    David Lashar

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QUALIFICATIONS: How does your experience prepare you for the duties of this office?

HEALTH CARE: What changes in federal healthcare policy do you advocate and why?

DISCRIMINATION: What policies will you support to address discrimination based on race, gender, religion, disability, or poverty?

ECONOMIC POLICY: What policies will you support to strengthen the national economy, such as those affecting international trade, taxes, labor rights, and infrastructure?

IMMIGRATION: What changes, if any, will you support in immigration policy?

ENVIRONMENT: What are the most pressing environmental challenges and how will you address them?

OTHER PRIORITIES: What other issues are priorities for you?

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Prior to entering Congress, I had nearly 20 years of experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors. I worked with the MD State Dept of Education, represented non-profit hospitals and senior living providers and championed efforts to protect consumers and ensure fair treatment in the workplace. This prepared me well for the diversity of issues one must manage as a member of Congress.
I am a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act and have opposed every attempt to repeal or defund this important law. That said, improvements could be made to further lower costs and expand access to care for all Americans, including passing legislation to help stabilize health insurance markets, provide premium rate relief for working Americans and to address the nation’s opioid epidemic.
There is no question that our laws and governing practices continue to permit and sometimes encourage discrimination against racial and ethnic minorities, the disabled, the poor and other minority communities. We need to end racial profiling in our law enforcement, prohibit gender pay disparities and ensure low- and moderate-income Americans have equal opportunity to achieve the American dream.
To combat growing economic inequality, we need to focus on economic policies which grow the middle class. These include ending tax breaks for the corporations who ship American jobs overseas, investing in national infrastructure, and raising the minimum wage. No American who works full time should have to worry about their economic security.
I support a policy that considers both national security and economic interests, as well as the need to provide a fair, legal and humane framework for people who want to come to America. I support a solution for our nation’s DREAMERs, a focus on punishing employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers, and a practical approach to addressing undocumented workers currently in the country.
There is no question the most pressing environmental problem is climate change. The government must act. We can invest in clean energy technologies; cap and reduce greenhouse gases; require utility companies to generate energy from renewable sources; develop capabilities to capture and store carbon emissions; and advance smart grid technologies so electricity is delivered efficiently.
One of my top priorities continues to be ending the reign of big money in our political system. For too long, special interests have used our broken campaign finance system to corrode our institutions of democracy, blocking progress on the issues that matter most to Americans. That’s why I introduced the Government By the People Act to return power to the people and fix our democracy.
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A successful executive in business and technology who plans and leads the turnaround of organizations that are not delivering results and are failing in their missions. A top official for Gov. Hogan at the Maryland Department of Health for 2+ years. An appointee to the Maryland Transportation Commission. A former congressional staffer whose work received national recognition. Respectful, civil.
Stabilize but overhaul the flawed Affordable Care Act (ACA), which expanded insurance coverage, especially for those with low income, but has failed to control costs or improve quality, especially for those who are self-employed. Adopt the innovative Maryland Model, on which I possess direct experience, as a patient-centered, outcome-based, cost-controlled alternative to ACA.
Protect and promote the equality of all persons before the law regardless of race, gender, or sexuality; regardless of disability or economic status. Do so consistently and vigilantly. Quit diminishing those who either differ from us or disagree with us. Affirm and respect the humanity and dignity of all individuals. Take pride in diversity of all kinds but reject identity politics.
Force Congress and the President to debate and decide the hard decisions on the budget by adopting a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget. Make small adjustments over the coming decade to rates of growth in entitlement programs to preserve their financial solvency for those who are currently under 50 years of age. Promote open, reciprocal trade that is firmly but sensibly negotiated.
Embrace immigration as a source of dynamism for our society and our economy. Embrace our many heritages that compose our one country. Practice lawful immigration that is administered humanely. Provide a path to citizenship, with both its rights and its duties, for the so-called DREAMers. Revive and expand the use of work permits for workers. Cooperate with Mexico and Central America.
Acknowledge climate change without obsessing on science, imposing mandates, splurging on green projects, or otherwise succumbing to alarm. Prioritize clean energy by encouraging private enterprise with limited government support to raise funds, apply talent, and bear accountability for bringing new technologies and methods to market. Continue to support federal funds for Bay cleanup.
Restore political power to all voters with a constitutional amendment that puts an end to gerrymandering; that creates competitive districts that represent genuine communities across the country. Create turnover and responsiveness in Congress, reduce the influence of special-interest money, and break the grip of party leaders on our representatives by adopting term limits. Break the duopoly.