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Attorney General

Four-year term. Must be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, and a Texas resident for at least 12 months. Among duties: lawyer for the state; defends the laws and Constitution of the state; represents the state in litigation; approves public bond issues; enforces health, safety and consumer regulations; collects court-ordered child support; administers Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund. Current annual salary: $150,000Plazo de cuatro años. Debe tener por lo menos 18 años de edad, ser ciudadano de Estados Unidos y residente de Texas por lo menos durante 12 meses. Deberes: abogado del estado; defiende las leyes y la Constitución del estado; representa al estado en demandas; aprueba los bonos públicos emitidos; pone en vigor las reglas de salud, de seguridad y de los consumidores; cobra la manutención de los niños por orden de la corte; administra el Fondo de Compensación a las Víctimas del Crimen. Salario anual actual: $150,000
  • Ken Paxton (Rep)

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Background: What training, experience, and characteristics qualify you for this position?

Election laws & voting rights: What specific measures do you support to facilitate voter registration, ability to vote, and representative legislative districts? Why?

Federal/state jurisdiction: Given that the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently upheld federal jurisdiction over immigration law, on what grounds would you defend or oppose constitutionality of the law (S.B. 4) that prohibits local sanctuary city laws?

Responsibilities: Which responsibilities of the Attorney General’s office are your highest priorities for the next 4 years, and how do you intend to accomplish them?

What other issues do you consider the most important, and how would you address them?

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