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Four-year term. Must be at least 30 years old, a U.S. citizen, and a Texas resident for the five years immediately preceding the election. Among duties: executes all laws and conducts all business with other states and the federal government; fills appointive offices; fills vacancies in state or district elected offices by appointment; calls special sessions of the Legislature and sets their agenda; signs or vetoes bills passed by the Legislature. Current annual salary: $150,000Plazo de cuatro años. Debe tener por lo menos 30 años de edad, ser ciudadano de Estados Unidos y residente de Texas durante cinco años inmediatamente antes de las elecciones. Deberes: ejecuta todas las leyes y dirige todos los negocios con los demás estados y con el gobierno federal; llena los puestos de nombramiento; nombra las vacantes del estado o distritos de los puestos electos; convoca las sesiones especiales de la Legislatura y establece los asuntos a tratar; apoya o no apoya las leyes aprobadas por la Legislatura. Salario anual actual: $150,000
  • James Jolly Clark (Dem)

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    Cedric Davis Sr. (Dem) Public Educator & Retired Master Peace Officer

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    Joe Mumbach (Dem) Consumer Electronics Technician

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    Adrian Ocegueda (Dem) Principal at a Private Equity Firm

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    Jeffrey Payne (Dem) Business Owner and Manager

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    Lupe Valdez (Dem) Retired Sheriff

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    Tom Wakely (Dem) Social Minister

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    Andrew White (Dem) Entrepreneur

  • Grady Yarbrough (Dem)

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Background: What training, experience, and characteristics qualify you for this position?

Election laws & voting rights: What specific measures, if any, would you take to improve voter registration, access to voting, voter turnout and the redistricting process? Why?

Health Care: What specific reforms, if any, would you propose in state health care policy to address the cost and access to health care? Explain.

Infrastructure: Referring to water, energy, public education, transportation, what specific measures do you propose to meet the states growing infrastructure needs? Explain rationale.

What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of the Texas Legislature, and what is your position on these issues?

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Campaign Phone (214) 663-1151
Twitter @Cedric4Texas
Education Sam Houston State University (B.Sc. CRIJ). Mayor Davis is completing his graduate studies in Public Administration at Tarleton State University to obtain his (M.P.A.), he holds a Master Peace Officer license.
I am a former Mayor, Police Chief, School Board Trustee, and EDC Board Director. I am accessible, influential, and energetic political leader. I have spearhead new school, roadways, and social projects. I have a B. Sc. in CJ, in Grad. Studies for MPA
Drop voter ID law, fairly redistrict voting maps, explore more technology for electronically registering and voting. I believe this measure ensures equity, not suppression.
Seek the $100 Billion of Medicaid Expansion refused by Gregg Abbott, drop lawsuit over women productive rights and restore proper CHIP funding for children and mothers. I would welcome Planned Parenthood as a mean of women affordable health care.
Stop long-term tax abatements for the large corporation, I would not allow corporations to abate the educational tax. Allow non-violent offenders to learn a STEM, HVAC, Plumbing, and Engineering training so once released they may be contracted to become employed by the state to rebuild infrastructure for a 2 yr. period. Design new water reservoirs and seek new aquifers.
Equity in women's pay and workplace harassment. Infrastructure Budgeting, and Criminal Justice Reform. Affordable higher education and work skilled labor training. Harsher ethics penalties for elected officials.
Campaign Phone (713) 541-3465
Twitter @realjoemumbach
Education 3 years of college at the University of St. Thomas, Houston and some additional classes at Lamar University, Beaumont, and the University of Houston, Main Campus
68 years in the school of hard knocks. Also I was a single parent with 2 daughters from 1979 to 1990. I have been self-employed for most of my adult life. I did work for the City of Pasadena for 10 years, mostly in Utilities and Engineering.
Voter ID laws should encourage people to vote; not discourage them. I could envision voter registration on election day with a valid driver’s license and maybe a dye marker on a thumb or finger. Something like that. Also the time for national census and redistricting is close by. I will end the gerrymandering and return to honest district lines.
We should have established our own in-state marketplace options from the beginning. My preference would be for Medicare for all. But at the very least we should have made it easier for people to get coverage from Day 1. CHIP has been an effective program, even without the heartfelt assistance from the state. I would prefer to combine CHIP, Obamacare, Medicare into 1.
We have 20 years of backlog on infrastructure projects to catch up on. From the Ike Dike to a third reservoir for flooding. Encourage renewable energy jobs with a sales tax-free home/business improvement. Improve schools so that our kids are better educated and qualified for more tech jobs, including free public pre-K and 2 years tuition-free training in community
Our Texas Legislature and governor have once again decided to scrimp on education in order to reduce the state budget. We can’t do that to our kids and our future. Our students and teachers need an advocate in the governor’s office. We will teach parents (especially poorly educated ones) how to help teachers teach their own kids with online programs and also tv programs
Twitter @TxReason
Education Bachelor of Arts- Princeton University 1998 Major: Political Economy Certificate in African-American Studies MBA- Southern Methodist University 2008
I am the only candidate in this race that has both executive government experience having worked in the Mayor's Office for the City of El Paso, as well as high-end financial experience, having worked in the world of Private Equity.
If you read my website you will see as a general rule I am in favor of structural change and this includes our voting systems. The goal of any specific measures would be to get a higher level of participation. However, I also feel that education of the voter needs to be dramatically improved, here I mean education of issues not simply of candidate positions.
Again, I will advocate structural change. This issue is exceedingly complex but most of the solutions for this issue deal with insurance-type funding solutions. To me there are very real structural issues with this market and the cost side of the equation is ignored. The ultimate solutions will be complex, but temporary funding may provide a short-term bridge.
My entire approach is structural. So again we have to evaluate whether the current systems, as constructed, can provide the resources for all infrastructure needs. Evaluating these solutions we will have to identify what drives temporary fluctuations so that a mechanism can be adequately devised and funded (buffer operational "rainy day" funds that can be replenished).
Long term structural needs will have to be addressed. We are at a moment where technology-enabled disruption will place enormous strains on our systems, this is in addition to larger issues such as environmental costs, healthcare, etc. The result is a demand for leadership that can work on short and medium term solutions to serve as a bridge to larger structural change.
Campaign Phone (972) 835-7456
Twitter @jeffrey4texas
Education BA Louisiana Tech - History Minor - Mathematics
I offer common sense, business sense and the commitment to our big and diverse state to create the best atmosphere for our citizens and our state's economy. I have years of experience as a mediator which should serve me well with our legislature.
I would encourage the legislature to abandon the Voter ID law which was designed to restrict voting not prevent fraud. Additionally, I would veto any legislation that made it more difficult for Texans to vote.
We need to improve Women's Health Care in Texas. The current state sponsored clinics are a sham and do not provide adequate care or information for Texas women. Healthcare should be a right not a privilege and as Governor I would work to encourage new initiatives to provide quality health care for all Texans. I would accept all Medicaid funds offered by the US Government.
Texas needs an abundant supply of clean water. We need to improve our water resources and expand them. Our education system must be funded in accordance with the Texas Constitution. To do that we must insist that corporate citizens pay their fair share of property taxes. Renewable energy must be a priority.
We need to encourage minority owned businesses and other small businesses with the same tax advantages given large corporations. Tuition at State schools must be affordable & we should institute a system that keeps students from going into massive debt. I would explore an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) as an option. Livable Wage legislation to improve Texans lives.
Campaign Phone (214) 942-2378
Twitter @LupeValdez
Education Master's of Criminology, UT-Arlington, Bachelor's in Business Administration, Southern Nazarene University
I’ve spent my career working for the greater good. From 2005-2017, I served as Dallas County Sheriff, managing a $140+ million budget, bringing sincere reform & saving taxpayer dollars. I've also been an officer in the Army and federal investigator.
Red & blue states across the country are reforming election laws. To modernize our elections, I support automatic voter registration, an independent redistricting commission, repealing discriminatory voter ID laws, shedding light on dark money, and any practical steps that protect the integrity of our elections and make it clear we want the people’s voice to be heard.
I am committed to adopting the Medicaid expansion, adequately funding state mental health facilities, stopping the attacks on women's healthcare, and ending the medical deserts in urban and rural Texas, where maternal mortality rates are unacceptable. As governor, I'll wield the bully pulpit to push Congress to build on the ACA and protect our healthcare from sabotage.
First, we need to stop focusing on harmful, job-killing bills and start paying attention to these issues that truly matter to Texans. We should reform the school finance system, promote public and private investment in renewable energies, and ensure our transportation funding meets the needs of today and future growth.
Texans need to know they have a voice in Austin who will support our families, rein in special interests' influence, and bring back some sanity. The Legislature must respond to people's needs and focus on issues where we can improve their lives - this includes the economy, accessible healthcare, an equitable education system, and adequate transportation funding.
Campaign Phone (210) 284-5399
Twitter @TexansforTom
Education Alamo Height High School, San Antonio Lorretto Height College, Denver Chicago Theological Seminary, Chicago
As a life long community activist who has fought for social, economic and environmental justice for over 40 years I bring a wealth of practical experience to the issues facing Texans today: income inequality, universal healthcare and global warming.
Every Texan needs to be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18. In addition, I believe TX needs to join Oregon, Washington & Colorado & conduct all elections by mail. Vote by Mail would solve the access to voting problem & substantial increase voter turnout. An independent bi-partisan commission needs to be in charge of redistricting.
I support Medicare-For-All Texans.
We need to scrap the state's franchise tax system and replace it with a business income tax. The increased revenue from a business income tax would go a long way towards meeting our state's infrastructure needs.
Income Inequality is the #1 issue in TX. Connecting the dots you will find many of the problems facing TX can be traced back to income inequality. Two ways we can begin to address the issues is first, we raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour. The second thing we do is repeal our state's right-to-work laws. Rebuilt the labor movement, rebuilt the middle class
Campaign Phone (830) 888-9877
Twitter @randrewwhite
Education Andrew earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia in 1994. He received his Masters in Business Administration degree from the University of Texas in 2003.
I've been a proven entrepreneur for twenty years and led hundreds of employees. My style of leadership involves tackling complex issues using data and building consensus and I am committed to standing up against the extremism in our state.
Texas has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the nation, in part, because our state has made voting so difficult. We do not have a voter fraud issue - the data doesn't support that accusation. The voter ID law needs to be changed, because voting should be easy. Our state should allow automatic registration whenever a citizen interacts with a government entity.
Texas has the highest rate of uninsured Americans in the country. And yet, Gov Abbot refuses to cash a check for $6 billion per year from the federal government to expand Medicaid. I will expand Medicaid so we can stop treating the uninsured in expensive emergency rooms. I will also increase funding for mental health, which will reduce the pressure on hospitals and jails.
We need to reform the education system, and we need to pay teachers fairly. I will invest in public school districts, not voucher programs. I will build strong pre-K programs and vocational training for high school students.

As our cities grow, so do our infrastructure needs. I will invest in smart plans to reduce traffic and I support the bullet train.
My priorities are healthcare & education. We also need to increase funding for Planned Parenthood & close the $5 billion property tax loophole that benefits commercial property owners. Expanding Medicaid & closing loopholes takes pressure off the counties & homeowners who pay more than their fair share of property taxes. Finally, the "show me your papers" law is dangerous.
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