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Criminal District Attorney Smith County

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    Alicia Barkley (Rep) Attorney

  • Jacob Putman (Rep)

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What plans/changes would you implement that is different than the current DA?

Under the current District Attorney in 2015 and 2017 there were 2 capital murder cases in Smith County. In both cases he sought the death penalty. How do you intend to evaluate whether you will seek the death penalty or not, as it does affect the money spent by the county?

Experience I have 23 years of experience in both criminal prosecution and family law, and have worked very hard to represent the citizens and families of Smith County, both in the public and private sectors. I am the only candidate with management experience.
Education I have a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence (Law Degree) from South Texas College of Law . I am licensed by the State Bar of Texas and the American Bar Association.
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I bring strong leadership, sound judgment and a tremendous amount of experience to the position of elected District Attorney. With 8 years of experience as a prosecutor, I tried all types of felony cases, and I am the only candidate who has tried a capital murder. I am the only candidate who managed other prosecutors, worked on budgets, and served as the acting First Assistant while a prosecutor. I am the only candidate who taught other prosecutors at a state level. As an attorney in private practice, I am the only candidate with management experience and the experience of running a business. I have received HOPE Awards from the Crisis Center for aggressive prosecution of sexual offenses, and for outstanding representation of domestic violence victims. With 23 years of combined experience, I have the sound judgment necessary to do a job that has a tremendous amount of discretion. I am very proud of my record as an aggressive prosecutor who was very tough on violent crime.
Based on recent work with various law enforcement agencies, I would make changes to the way that cases are filed in with the District Attorney's Office, as well as how they are accounted for throughout the prosecution of the case. I would modify the procedure by which cases are presented to Grand Jury, and every time that a case is disposed of, that disposition would go to both the elected DA's desk and the officer who filed in the case, so that the filing officer/agency is also aware of how the case was disposed.
As always, whether or not to seek the death penalty is a decision that takes many factors into account. First, the future danger to the community must be determined. The specific facts of the crime itself, the prior criminal history of the defendant and the wishes of the victim's family must be considered. Ultimately, the issue of whether or not it is in the best interest of Smith County (and the state of Texas), after considering all the above factors, will determine whether or not I seek the death penalty in a particular case.
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