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Bastrop County Judge

Primary Election: March 6, 2018Early Voting: February 20 - March 2, 2018
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    Donald A. Loucks (Rep) President, Dunran Corporation

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    Paul Pape (Rep) County Judge

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What are the most important duties of a County Judge?

What are the transportation issues in your county and how do you plan to address them?

Because counties do not have zoning authority, how do you plan to address growth issues in the unincorporated areas of your county?

What are the health and human services issues in your county and how would you address them?

Background Certified Texas Emergency Manager. Former Bastrop County Commissioner, Fire Commissioner & retired USAF Officer, Fighter Pilot. Volunteer Firefighter.
Education Bachelor & Master of Arts (psychology), Squadron Officers School, Air Force Command & Staff, Marine Corps Staff, Air War College.
Protecting the people’s physical & economic safety and maintaining transparent government is paramount. The Bastrop Co. Sheriff’s Dept. must have the tools & training to accomplish its mission. It is foolish economy to offer low compensation and not retain trained deputies. A county judge who is certified and experienced in emergency management is essential. Property tax reform is crucial to prevent citizens from being taxed out of their homes.
While traffic congestion is an over-arching issue throughout central Texas, there are two county issues to address: county-maintained roads, and state highways. Bastrop County roads are rural. Scarce tax dollars must be used wisely to improve these roads to make them safe and protect against flood damage. As Judge, I will coordinate with the legislature and TXDOT to ensure state roads are maintained and improved to meet transportation demands.
New subdivisions must comply with state law, period. Transportation issues which require traffic studies and water requirements will be utilized. Also, we should enact building code requirements which mandate certain construction requirements such as wiring conduits and flame-proof or retardant material, all of which help protect families in the event of fire. Population growth must also be factored into the services budget like law enforcement.
There are three areas in which our county interacts here: Veteran Services, Indigent Healthcare & Patient Prescription Assistance Program. Our Veteran Services provides coordination to ensure Texas Veterans can obtain all the benefits to which they are entitled and has been very effective. These latter two mandated programs must be managed to keep county tax burden from becoming unreasonable. I will seek legislative remedies to these issues.
Background In my sixth year as Bastrop County Judge, I have dedicated my life to serving our citizens, based on years of business experience and leadership.
Education BA in Business Administration; West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas; also years of experience in ministry and with LCRA in utility operations.
As the leading county elected official, I represent the citizens of Bastrop County in governmental and business affairs. I set the agenda and preside at all Commissioner Court meetings. As chief financial officer of a county our size, I draft the annual operating budget and present it for approval to the Court. As a Constitutional County Judge, I preside over uncontested probate, guardianship and heirship hearings and review annual reports.
Highway capacity for our growing population is a challenge. We work with TXDoT and the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization to anticipate growth and seek funding for transportation improvements, cooperating on right of way acquisition and utility relocation. Each Commissioner oversees construction and maintenance of county roads. Recovering from multiple recent floods, we are working with FEMA for funding on damaged infrastructure.
Last year we re-wrote our Comprehensive Subdivision Ordinance to better address growth and manage development. Our Floodplain Ordinance also regulates where new structures can be placed. We have an excellent Development Services staff that reviews applications and works with developers and home builders on new construction. Here in Bastrop County we aim to preserve our rural Texas ambiance, even as we welcome new families and employers.
As with much of Texas, chronic health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes are concerns. Bastrop County has a healthy county program that encourages active lifestyles and rewards employees who participate. Within the past year we initiated Bastrop County Cares, a coalition of citizens and community leaders working together to tackle some big social issues such as early childhood development and affordable housing.