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US Representative, District 4

2-year term. Must be 25 years or older, a US citizen, and a resident of Texas. Responsible for representing the citizens of the district in which he/she is elected in the US House of Representatives.
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    John Cooper (Rep) Registered Professional Land Surveyor & Baptist Minister

  • John Ratcliffe (Rep)

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Immigration: What changes, if any, would you propose to the current immigration policy for (1) current undocumented residents, and (2) the over 4 million people on the waiting list to get a visa to enter the country? Why?

Foreign Intervention: Under what circumstances should the US intervene militarily in a foreign conflict?

Economy: What federal policies do you support to maintain a healthy economy and enable the public to improve their economic positions?

Representation: What steps would you take to ensure that you represent all of your constituents? Do you participate in town hall meetings?

Healthcare: What legislation would you support, if any, to ensure comprehensive, affordable healthcare for all Americans?

Other Issues: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of Congress, and what is your position on these issues?

Education Dallas Bible College graduated in 1972 with a Bachelor of Art and a Bachelor of Theology degrees. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary graduated in 1976 with a Master of Divinity, and in 1978 Luther Rice Seminary with a Doctorate of Ministry.
Experience Dr. Cooper has served as pastor to Churches in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. John has worked in the engineering and surveying fields in the private sector, in the municipal sector, in TXDOT and is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor in Texas
Twitter @drjcooper
Campaign Phone (903) 439-1218
They must obey the current laws. The illegal aliens will have to go back to their country and reenter the USA legally. This creates a problem with their children that are born in the United States of America. They should automatically become citizens as soon as their parents are legal citizens. The children did not violate any laws and therefore should not be punished for the actions of the parents. This puts the burden back on the parents of their unlawful residents in the United States of America. I will help them as much as I can to expedite this process as long as they follow the law. Therefore, they must join their parents going back to their country and coming back into the United States to gain their citizens. All of this must be approved through the immigration laws and regulations.

The 4 million people on the waiting list to get a visa to enter the country will have to wait their turn to be processed into the USA.
Only when it is in the United States of America's best interest to preserve and protect the American people's freedom.
We are talking about the destruction of the middle class as led by Obama who was a Communist Socialist. Their goal was to take over America with out firing a shot. I remember when Premier Kruschev took off his shoe while beating on the table with his shoe saying that we "meaning Communist Socialism" take over America with out firing a shot. It was John Adams who said some 200 years ago that you can conquer and enslave a nation by the sword or by debt. It is obvious, that Obama 's administration gave it a good try because we are over a $20 trillion, 496 billion in debt. We must overcome this immoral attempt to remove the middle class and make us a third world country. We must begin to work, immediately, to restore our free market and make the American dream a reality again. This means working with President Trump to create great career opportunities and improve our current economic state by removing regulations that have crippled our economy, and end unproductive legislation.
My serious commitment to the Constitution and to the Restoration of America back to greatness is my main goal. My goal is to be a Peoples Representative in Congress. I am committed to maintain a contact with the people in District 4 by one to three breakfast meeting each month to report what Congress is doing and to receive information on how the people feel about the issues of the day. We definitely don't need a career politician in Washington. I am committed to run for 2 terms, one term at a time. I will only run after that if a constitutional conservative does not run. We must protect the Constitution because it protects us. I will work hard to restore our First Amendment right and our Second amendment rights. We must deal with the Progressive tax made possible by the 16th Amendment. We must also deal with the 10th Amendment to be sure our State's rights are protected. We must prevent any attempt of Congressional representatives from sidestepping the main issues.
I would support the full repeal of all the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. President Trump says that it will self destruct anyway. This act was a Communist Socialist illusion to make Americas Health Care better, when reality it imposed finical burdens on the American people. People have always had affordable healthcare through regulations that no person can be turned away from any hospital, such as emergency room care.
The greatest threat to America security is to overcome the Communist Socialist attempt to enslave America. Along with this problem is the issue of protecting our borders. We must support President Trump's goal to build a wall or use electronics such as drones to secure our border. We also have to deal with the illegal alien problem. They must obey the current laws, to go back to their country and reenter legally. The issue with their US born children is that they will be allowed citizenship once their parents have achieved citizenship. Congress has about an 8% to 15% approval rating. They have not controlled the excessive moneys spent and borrowed on behalf of our Government. Most people don't realize that this debs is each Americans. Each person now owes over $63,000.00, each tax payer owes over $160,000 dollars and as we speak, we pay out over a total of $14,033.00 dollars every second. So in total the National Debt of the United States is over $20,000,000,000 dollars.
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