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Railroad Commissioner

6-year term. Must be at least 25 years old, a Texas resident, and a registered voter. Regulates the energy industry, including preventing pollution, well plugging and site remediation, pipeline safety and damage prevention, surface mining of coal and uranium, gas utility rates, and alternative fuels.Período de 6 años. Debe tener por lo menos 25 años de edad, ser residente de Texas y ser un votante registrado. Regula la industria energética, incluyendo la prevención de la contaminación, así como el sellado de pozos y la rehabilitación de sitios, la seguridad de las tuberías y la prevención de daños, la minería a cielo abierto de carbón y uranio, las tarifas de servicios públicos de gas y los combustibles alternativos
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    Roman McAllen (Dem) Historic Preservation Officer

  • Chris Spellmon (Dem)

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Background: What training, experience, and characteristics qualify you for this position?

Stewardship: How do you plan to balance oil, gas, and mining interests with protection of natural resources and the environment?

Responsibilities: Which reform(s) suggested by the 2016 Sunset Review Commission are your highest priority, and how do you plan on implementing them?

What other issues do you consider the most important, and how would you address them?

Campaign Phone (713) 384-5233
Twitter @RomanMcAllen
Education University of Houston Downtown, Bachelor of Business Administration; University of Texas Austin, Master of Architecture
I am trained as an urban planner, architect and historic preservationist; at first glance regulating the oil and gas industry in TX doesn't seem like a good fit. The fact is that 88% of Texans live in cities. Oil & gas directly impacts urban life.
Right now I plan to balance the commission. The current commission is entirely beholden to the industry. It is an open secret that commissioners accept campaign contributions 24/7, 365 days a year, from the industry. I will balance the commission by listening to and believing scientists, surface rights owners & municipalities and supporting them.
I would lobby to change the name of the commission to something that tells the public, & the commissioners themselves, what the commission is supposed to be doing. I would seek increased reporting requirements for wastewater injection wells. These wells are causing earthquakes and I believe polluting our water. This to me is immoral and unjust. Texans cannot afford it.
Assiduous enforcement of existing regulations on all matters is crucial. Added costs to accomplish this can and should be absorbed by the industry. The health, safety, and welfare of all Texans here now, and God willing in the future, depends on this commission to do the right thing and it cannot do so as long as it continues to pander to the industry.
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