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Williamson County Commissioner, Precinct 4

Primary Election: March 6, 2018Early Voting: February 20 - March 2, 2018
  • Russ Boles (Rep)

  • David Marek (Rep)

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    Heather Peal (Rep) Managing Partner

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    Bobby Seiferman (Rep) Marketing Sales Specialist

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What are the most important duties of a County Commissioner?

What are the transportation issues in your county and how do you plan to address them?

Because counties do not have zoning authority, how do you plan to address growth issues in the unincorporated areas of your county?

What are the health and human services issues in your county and how would you address them?

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Background My experience in the private sector, signing the front of the paycheck, provides the knowledge needed in government placing the taxpayers first.
Education After graduating from Stoney Point High School, Peal attended Mary Hardin Baylor where she studied Nursing and Psychology.
Residents are being taxed out of their homes every day. While our property tax assessments continue soaring every year, we hear little more than the misleading and very disingenuous statement: “But we didn’t raise your taxes this year...we held the line.” The truth is, we see our tax bills increase year after year due to inflated property value assessments. We must focus on “needs” not “wants" As a mom, public safety is also one of my top priorities. We have a long-standing reputation of being one of the safest counties in the nation for families to raise children and I will keep it that way.
I oppose stacking on hundreds of millions in additional property taxes for new roads in locations that make absolutely no sense while not properly maintaining the roads we have now. I will work to develop a comprehensive plan for future mobility, in a common sense manner with community input and without adverse effects on our residents, their livelihoods and tax rate. It’s no secret Pct. 4 receives a smaller allocation of county tax funds than other precincts. For too long Pct. 4 has been left behind while other precincts have been made a priority. Our crumbling roads are a prime example.
I will be an advocate for all of Precinct 4. For too long, there has been a reactive versus proactive approach east of Hwy 130. We are facing an ‘If you build it, they will come; if you don’t build it they will come anyway’ reality with no real plan for the future. We must recruit new businesses, which will mean great-paying jobs, develop a comprehensive plan on mobility and improve our infrastructure. At the same time, we must expand the economy in Pct. 4 responsibly while lowering taxes and debt.
Addressing the ever-growing health care cost issue is paramount. The county took a positive step in the right direction when a Local Provider Participation Fund was created and approved last year. Someone has to pick up the costs for indigent care. That is either done through taxes, or higher costs at the hospital. We must see that patients and taxpayers get some relief and when hospitals are able to offset their uncompensated care costs, that is a step in a positive direction for everyone.

Background Round Rock School Board 2009-12, RRISD Policy Committee Chair, Delegate State Repub Convention, Taylor Main Street Board Chair, Grad Leadership Hutto
Education Master of Science: Public Administration Texas State University, Bachelor of Science : Advertising UT at Austin AAS Criminal Justice-ACC
The most important function of the county commissioner is to administer the county’s budget. I pledge safer and enhanced roadways and applied drainage projects, as well as empowering our first responders to keep our neighborhoods safer.
As the population of Williamson County continues to expand, it is important that we provide safe roadways. Precinct 4 alone has 560 miles of county roads. My pledge to the precinct 4 voters is to enhance our existing roads and right of ways to improve upon our transportation needs rather than embarking upon an effort to try and pave over half of eastern Williamson County which would disrupt many of our Heritage Farm and Ranch Operations. I am a firm believer in progress and growth but progress at any price is not progress at all, but rather a recipe for environmental and economic disaster.
One of the planks in my platform is to work closer with other municipalities and economic development organizations as they plan for growth and development in their respective corridors.
There are of course mandates as to the needed and required budget considerations to be made with respect to HHS and I fully plan to support those worthy endeavors.