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U.S. House, District 27

Primary Election: March 6, 2018Early Voting: February 20 - March 2, 2018
  • Raul (Roy) Barrera (Dem) Spcl Deputy/Crt Security Officer

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    Vanessa Edwards Foster (Dem) OTR Truck Driver

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    Eric Holguin (Dem) Public Affairs Specialist

  • Ronnie McDonald (Dem)

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Explain your position on immigration to the U.S. Please address DACA, a pathway to citizenship, and border security.

What would you do to ensure affordable healthcare access for all citizens?

Identify three measures you would support that reduce gun violence.

What policies would you pursue to address safety and inequalities facing women and people of color?

Do you believe the government has a role in reducing student debt? Why or why not?

What are your legislative priorities for responding to our changing climate?

What other issue do you consider most important and how would you address it?

Background Born and raised in Robstown, TX, living in C.C., TX. 35 years as a Sworn Officer and Public Servant and continued to this date.
Education Robstown High School Grad. Del Mar College certified Peace Officer and Communications Officer and continue as public servant @ Federal Court C.C., TX
The opposition party has stalled on immigration reform. We should not do away with DACA. These people who arrived here as children are Americans in every sense of the word but don't have citizenship. They are part of our Military, Police Forces, Teachers, and are in various other professions. They contribute billions of dollars into our economy. Criminals who are not here legally should be deported back to their respective countries. People who contribute to our society should be granted citizenship or at least, permanent status.
The new Tax Reform has removed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) mandate. Now the insurance rates will go up as there are not enough healthy people signing up for ACA as they are not required to do so. Republicans are slowly depriving the ACA of funds and that is how they will try to do away with ACA Health care that is needed for all. We need to strengthen the ACA and not deprive it of funds. A Public Option should be considered also as long as the public option can provide the same services that a private insurance company provides.
We agree with the Second Amendment and we will defend the right to own guns. What needs to be law is a background check for all at all times. Turning a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon with a simple Bump Stock should not be allowed. No one should be allowed to purchase a gun clip that will hold more than 10 rounds at a time. This type of weaponry is military grade and should be used by the military only.
We will pursue equal pay for equal work. Women have been discriminated for far too long by the men in power positions. When you are cut off in the middle of a sentence, when they dismiss your ideas, when they pass you over for promotions with the proverbial excuse that you are not as qualified as your male counterpart. I have a wife, daughters and granddaughters in the workforce and I hear their complaints of the lack of opportunities. I will fight for equality for women and people of color.
Yes! American students owe about $1 trillion in school loans today. The Government should play the major role in operating student debt and should not be privatized. Students are graduating with a Humongous school loan that carries penalties and interest that they will have to pay for a life time. We should at least provide the first two years of college free and relieve them of this debt.
We have abundant wind energy and solar energy that we need to utilize. The regulations that he EPA has in place should not be relaxed. The EPA should be given more support in establishing reasonable regulations. We should cite all the companies that are not complying with these standards but not hinder their production.
Social Security needs to be solvent. The current administration has threatened to privatize our social security system and we should not let them as that would be detrimental to the most important safety net that we have. Health care is the other safety net that is vital. Our Veterans need better care and I will help provide that through better administration of the VA system and more funds. We live in a free society because our Military Veterans have provided that freedom.
Background No previous public sector, nor any paid lobbyist experience. However 20 years active in politics from campaigns to unpaid lobbying in DC & Austin, etc
Education Del Mar College, Lone Star College
Not in favor of the border wall—wasted money! Am in favor of DACA which may be law soon. Immigration should not simply be absolute open borders, though. We should consider immigration in a case-by-case basis of need. Am concerned about issues such as chain-migration and the lottery system, and feel it should be vetted thoroughly rather than random selection. However we need to make the path toward legal emigration more streamlined, ensure its not strictly for wealthy emigres only and perhaps should increase the legal limits which are a causative factor in so many circumventing the legal path.
Very much in favor of expanding Medicare for all! The recent tax cuts stripping $370 billion from Medicare & $1 trillion to pay for the law is a travesty! Every civilized nation has government healthcare for all. Personally I would sponsor and heavily go to bat for nationalized healthcare, preferably expanding Medicare, as well as backing strong government negotiation of pricing on prescription drugs with big Pharma. Additionally, I'd join Sen. Grassley, Rep. Thompson & others in pressing non-profit hospital corps. on fulfilling their promise and expanding their charity care of the indigent!
The primary issue is the lack of mental health support and funding. Since the mid 80's, we've slashed budgeting and simply released people to the streets and homelessness untreated. The safety net for those with mental or physically violent histories has disappeared and needs to be addressed and funded responsibly. We need to ensure our gun registry is up-to-date and fully communicating with all agencies. We also need public education on instructing civilians not to simply reach for a gun & react in anger, plus incentives for violence-prone areas to dissuade from gun culture (ex: Richmond CA)
First we must address issues of pay inequality: equal pay for equal jobs should be a rule! Next we must find ways to fund and encourage entrepreneurship in small business as those will become America's economic backbone of the future, esp. with corporations and big business moving toward automation and robotics. Justice system inequalities also must be stopped. Policing overreactions are still problematic and we need community policing to humanize and bring both sides together. Courts and police need to revise how they deal with victims of sexual assault—they need to be considered seriously!
America needs to move towards tuition free higher education in all public universities. Government stopped funding the states at the onset of this millennium which caused all colleges to make up the difference by raising the difference on students. In a civilized nation like US, basic education should be free to ensure a competent workforce! On existing student debt, it's a more difficult quandary as it covers existing loan agreements. If Congress can allow for their sons/daughters to be forgiven their college debt without recourse, then surely there's a way to do likewise for its citizens.
My desire is to see the U.S. reenter the Paris accord. We need to push back against the current direction from Admin & the Energy Dept, and reverse incentivizing coal and nuclear power. We should push not only for more wind, solar, water and geothermal forms of energy, but supporting the industry creating, innovating & manufacturing new products for use in those clean forms of energy here in the U.S! Also invest in desalination plants for water use, esp. for irrigation purposes to conserve our water tables. Get tough on polluters and put teeth behind those violations!
One recent issue is states' rights and Marijuana laws: both should stay intact. Remove Marijuana/THC items from the federal Schedule 1 controlled substance list. Also would fast-track allowable use of it for veterans with PTSD. Evidence shows it's usefulness with PTSD, and it's non-pharma, non-addictive, virtually no side effects. Would also create Labor Equity Recapture Tax to give boost to small business/penalize larger business based on the ratio of top wage-earners to bottom wage-earners, to either raise wages or reduce exec pay. Funds from it go to bankroll new entrepreneurship startups.
Background Born, raised, and educated in Texas to a Hispanic working-class family of public servants. Previously worked for a US Congresswoman & NYC Comptroller.
Education Bachelor of Arts - Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Our country is strong because of our diversity - and that includes immigrants. Tearing families apart is not only cruel, it's not how America is, nor should be. We need to pass a clean DACA bill to support our DREAMers, and also work to pass DAPA, so that immigrant families can stay together. The current pathway to citizenship is long & expensive. I learned this while helping immigrants deal with USCIS. We need to cut the red tape on the path to become naturalized. I believe we can have border security without a wall, & we do that by investing in technology to better monitor our borders.
I fully support a single-payer healthcare system, because healthcare is a RIGHT and not a privilege. In order for this to happen, we need to expand Medicare - and we do that over a 5-10 year process by lowering the age requirements to be eligible for Medicare.
In order to reduce gun violence, we need to begin by having that conversation - no matter how uncomfortable some may find it. I do believe we can protect our right to bear arms, while fighting to ensure violent members of society don't get access to a firearm. First, we need to stand up to the gun lobby. The amount of money the NRA puts into legislators pockets is disgusting and should be illegal. We need to close any loopholes that allow violent/convicted offenders to be able to buy guns - including the Charleston Loophole. We need to reinstate the assault weapons ban as well.
Women & people of color have been given the short end of the stick for far too long. We need to close the gender pay gap by eliminating the "previous salary" question from the hiring process, promote pay transparency for fair salary negotiations, and make sure we strengthen equal pay laws. The same goes for our people of color - we need more than equality, we need equity. We need to address systemic issues in ways our people of color are treated in all aspects of life - ranging from education to economic opportunities to policing and more. People of color get stiffed - and that HAS to change.
I believe the government should have a role in reducing student debt, and have a role in ensuring this problem doesn't happen again. I myself am currently paying on student loans - and it's hinders many economic/life opportunities. Students who go into public service for a certain number of years should be able to get a reduction in their debt. We should look at ways that students can refinance their loans for much lower rates as well. Our student should be able to grow their financial future - not stay stuck for the next 30 years of their life.
As a candidate that is running in a district full of petrochemical plants, having very high environmental standards is paramount to me. I grew up in the 27th Congressional District and as a asthma sufferer, so it's personally important to me that we protect the air that we breathe, the water we drink and more. It's important that we get back in the Paris Climate Agreement - but go beyond that. We need to invest in a clean energy future and be the leader by helping our allies around the world do the same. There are many ways to lower greenhouse emissions & we do that by taking action in D.C.
This country is built on strong infrastructure and it's important that we reinvest in rebuilding Texas. With crumbling roads, bridges, rusted pipes, schools falling a part, it's vital that each member of Congress does their part to bring funding to their area for that investment. I will fight to make sure we get our piece of the pie. A strong & modern infrastructure grid will trickle down to living wage jobs, better quality of life, and a stronger economy.
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