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Bastrop County Commissioner, Precinct 4

Primary Election: March 6, 2018Early Voting: February 20 - March 2, 2018
  • Rosanna L. Abreo (Rep) Attorney

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    Gary "Bubba" Snowden (Rep) Businessman, investor, cattleman

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What are the most important duties of a County Commissioner?

What are the transportation issues in your county and how do you plan to address them?

Because counties do not have zoning authority, how do you plan to address growth issues in the unincorporated areas of your county?

What are the health and human services issues in your county and how would you address them?

Background I am from a large farming family. We were taught to work hard, value education, and to take care of our business fairly and professionally.
Education B.S. Criminal Justice Masters Public Administration J.D. Texas Tech School of Law
To identify the needs of the County, specifically within their precinct, and prioritize those needs for the betterment of the County. To fairly represent all people in the County and spend tax money wisely. It is important that the County Commissioners work together to plan for positive commercial and residential growth within the County. Growth that will help relieve some of the property tax burden. I also believe the Commissioners should work very closely with school districts to assure high quality schools which attract businesses and industries with a well qualified work force.
Like many counties we have a constant need to maintain our rural roads and need to make comprehensive plans to address the repairs in order to minimize the costs. The County needs to work to expand the availability of public transportation within the County and to Austin. Specifically, to assure transportation for medical care and treatment.
The lack of zoning authority has often resulted in haphazard development in Bastrop County. The State currently restricts much of the Counties ability to plan growth but some issues can be address if they adversely affect health and safety. Over populating a rural county without the necessary public services is detrimental to all citizens of the County and Bastrop should recognize health and safety issues when growth is planned and attempt to restrict such development when necessary to avoid harm.
We are fortunate that there are current plans to expand current medical facilities and to build new medical facilities in Bastrop County, specifically in Precinct 4. These new facilities will greatly benefit the current needs of the County. As previously mentioned we need to work towards improving our public schools in order to provide a qualified workforce. With our ACC Campus we need to assure local educational resources are available to meet employment needs.
Background I was born and raised in Elgin. I was in the retail business on Congress Avenue for 40 years. My brothers & I owned Oscar Snowden's TV & Appliance.
Education Elgin High School, Sam Houston State, Texas State University. My real education came from 413 Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas
My goal as a County Commissioner is to take care of the needs of the citizens of Bastrop County- by getting up and going to work every day and not treating this position as a part time job. it is a full time job 24/7 and I make myself available by giving my personal mobile number to everyone. Besides maintaining the road system in our rural county, I am involved with CARTS, I am the liaison of the BCAnimalShelter, and I work with the other commissioners to make good decisions for the county, including the budget. Increasing my support of the Sheriff's Dept. is another goal. 512-517-2338

Elgin and Bastrop County are experiencing a lot of growth which causes problems with our transportation system. I am working with community leaders to get funding for roads which need widening around our schools and main arteries into our city. Keeping our rural roads safe is another concern. There are approximately 230 miles of roads in Precinct 4 and we continually strive to keep them maintained within our budget. I am a member of CARTS, Capital Area Rural Transportation, which provides buses, etc. for county wide transportation.
This is a major concern. With growth, comes development. As a commissioner, I am very much limited to what development can be restricted. Counties have little restrictions they may impose, besides septic tank inspection/approval. The commissioners with the Bastrop County Developmental Services have worked this past year to strengthen and improve the county regulations for development. It would be very helpful if our legislature would work to change the zoning laws for unincorporated areas.
Many of these issues are being handled by the Bastrop County Indigent Care Office. One concern is affordable housing which is a topic that is being studied and researched at this time by the Workforce Affordable Housing Committee. Bastrop County does its best to meet the needs of the citizens.