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Collin County District Clerk

4-year term. Must be 18 years or older, a U.S. citizen, a resident of Texas, and a resident of the district represented. Responsible for the judicial records of the District Courts.
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    Lynne Finley (Rep) Collin County District Clerk

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Records: What are the challenges in protecting the accuracy and integrity of records of the district courts and how would you address them?

Growth: How would you manage the District Clerk’s office to keep pace with the expected growth in district court cases?

Vision: If elected, what would you most like to accomplish during the next term?

Other issues: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing for the District Clerk, and what is your position on these issues?

Education Bachelor of Arts -Telecommunications -Cum Laude -Texas Tech University; Doctor of Jurisprudence - South Texas College of Law; Master of Arts Degree - Mass Communication - Texas Tech University
Experience Collin County District Clerk, Senior Attorney for Finley & Associates Risk Manager/General Counsel, Corporate Counsel/Director of Human Resources for Healthcare Corporations
Campaign Phone (972) 489-4304
Population growth and mandatory electronic filing for both civil and criminal cases has caused a significant increase in the amount of data that flows through the District Clerk’s office with more than 15,000 electronic filings a month. Integrating this increased data load into Collin County’s Case Management System (CMS) in real time has produced significant challenges in protecting the accuracy and integrity of the judicial records. As the District Clerk, my office seamlessly transitioned to e-filing in all criminal cases in July of 2017. I have increased quality control, reduced error rates, and increased accessibility. This was accomplished through more effective staff training and adding new capabilities to our CMS system to expand access while improving security and privacy protections in areas such as mental health and child protective cases. I will continue to measure, monitor and improve our systems and employees who are both critical to protecting the records.
Managing the District Clerk’s office has been my responsibility for the last 20 months. As an attorney for 23 years, I have witnessed increasing levels of technology in the judicial process. From document scanners, to electronic forms and database optimization, our processes are driven by technology. I managed the e-filing transition for criminal cases in the district courts. I worked with the Sheriff’s office to improve officer security by evaluating and improving warrant procedures that incorporated real time integration between our offices making the warrant procedures faster, more accurate, and less cumbersome. My policy of encouraging greater collaboration with other County offices such as law enforcement and specialized courts will allow continued development and implementation of better technology, training, and procedures to provide proactive solutions to enable the District Clerk’s office to keep pace with expected growth in district court cases.

As the Collin County District Clerk, during the next term I would most like to accomplish increased accessibility, better security, and greater transparency in the judicial process. As a licensed attorney and a member of the Texas Judicial Council Civil Justice Committee’s Advisory Council, I have the privilege and opportunity to work with our Texas Supreme Court and the Office of Court Administration to make recommendations on proposed changes to improve citizen access to Texas courts. As a member of the Odyssey File & Serve (OFS) steering committee, I am helping to improve the current eFiling system and working to influence the future development of secure platforms for the flow and storage of case information. I will continue to work during the next term to provide our citizens, lawyers and judges with increased accessibility, better security, and greater transparency in the judicial process.
Streamlining, simplifying and improving the jury management system to provide greater convenience for potential jurors, while still maintaining an effective juror pool for the courts, is an issue that will be most pressing for the District Clerk to address in the next term. The District Clerk is responsible for identifying, contacting, and coordinating qualified potential jurors for all cases in Collin County for District, County, Probate and Justice of the Peace Courts. Through the effective use of software and computer systems, my office seeks to increase juror response rates, provide greater communication and convenience for potential jurors, decrease county costs and maintain an effective juror pool for the courts to function at optimal efficiency.