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Clarkston Mayor

The mayor of the city is the chief executive of the city. The mayor is responsible for the administration and operation of the city as well as proposing an annual budget, and appointing city officers and commissioners.
  • Beverly H. Burks

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    Edward "Ted" Terry Director - Georgia Sierra Club

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What experience do you bring to the job to set policy for your city and what is your motivation to serve?

What, in your opinion, is the biggest budget issue facing your city and how, if elected would you propose to address it?

How should your city address the issues of lobbyist gifts, ethical behavior, and transparency in government?

Legal Permanent Residents and naturalized citizens contribute over a billion dollars in state and local taxes each year. How will you help ensure your city is a welcoming place for foreign born entrepreneurs and their families?

Cities across the country are embracing aggressive goals to reduce carbon pollution. What do you believe your municipality should do to support cleaner air?

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I bring over 17 years of community organizing, non-profit management and public service to this office. I have served as Mayor of Clarkston for the last 3.5 years. I am a public servant at heart. My purpose in life is to contribute to a larger movement seeking an inclusive, just and equitable society for all.
The biggest budget issue is increasing our public safety and recreation programs. If elected, I will work with our legislature and county commissioners to complete the annexation of the remainder of the Clarkston zip code 30021, to broaden the tax base provide a more balanced distribution of tax burden across residential, industrial and commercial. This will increase the budget options, allowing for both a tax cut and a revenue increase. Clarkston has an identity, however half living in the Clarkston zip code can't call the city home, because the boundaries only include a portion of the larger community. We must unite all of Clarkston, bring in the Clarkston campus of Georgia State and Geogia Piedmont Tech College, along with Clarkston High.
Our city has moved to an ethics officer position which is a conflict of interest free way to handle ethics complaints, by putting the brunt of the ethics investigations into an independent 3rd party, that isn't beholden to donors or politicians. Transparency in government is paramount to a well functioning democratic republic. One initiative that I will enact as Mayor is to return to a week gap between the City Council work session and city council meeting. This will allow agenda items to be discussed in public, and then give the public a full 7 days to debate and discuss the policy proposals before the city council.
Clarkston was one of the first cities in Georgia to enact a Welcoming Resolution and agenda through our police, administration and court services. We have taken major strides in recent years to diversify the police force, improve language translations at our courts, and stand on fundamental American principles of welcoming the stranger and building a community that embraces and respects all, foreign-born and native-born alike.
Climate Change is the preeminent problem facing our future generations. In light of recent Federal rollbacks of the clean power plan, and the pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, it will be more important, now more than ever, for local leaders to double our move towards a 100% clean energy economy. By investing in homegrown Georgia resources like solar, wind, electric vehicles/buses, and energy efficient buildings, we can not only fight climate change, but create thousands of good-paying, sustainable jobs, and save money on our monthly power bills. I have joined the Mayors for 100% Clean Energy coalition, with hundreds of Mayors around the nation making their commitments to a clean energy future by 2050. We can protect our planet, energize our economy, and save more money every month by transitioning to the future. logo


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