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Erie County Legislator Erie County Legislative District 6

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    Edward A Rath III (REP, CON, IND, RFM) Erie County Legislator, 6th District

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How can we deal most effectively with the opioid problem and the need for additional funding to do so?

Infrastructure needs. All legislators complain about needed road repairs, improvements. What are your priorities related to infrastructure needs and why did you select these priorities?

What measures do you support to ensure that our water supply is safe and reliable?

What is the most important issue facing Erie County in the next two years and why is it the most important issue?

How can Erie County better address state-mandated Medicaid payments to lessen the burden on county taxpayers?

Education Ed graduated from Nichols School of Buffalo and subsequently received his college degree from Syracuse University with a major in Political Science and a minor in History. In 2005, Ed completed the Executive MBA program at Canisius College - Magna Cum Laude
Experience and Qualifications Ed is Vice President at VARO TECHNOLOGIES and has worked in the energy industry for the past 25 years. Over that period of time, he has worked for a vast array of businesses from small family owned businesses to a Fortune 100 company.
Key Endorsements Reform, Independence, Republican, Conservative, Faculty Federation Erie Community College
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With the limited resources that exist, we must search and fund initiatives that are both quantitatively and qualitatively effective at addressing the opioid epidemic.Upstream efforts are addressing the climate of pain management.Focus on recovery helps those addicted find the appropriate treatments. Educational efforts are critical in preventing our youth from getting hooked or turning to heroin. Law enforcement efforts to get "bad drugs" off the streets help decrease fentanyl deaths.
Maintaining our roadways is critical to the public safety of our residents and visitors. We work in a system of not enough resources for our roads, but it is our job as owner of County roads to advocate the administration to focus on deplorable roads to properly address all the infrastructure needs in the appropriate times.
Transparency for safe quality standards needs to be followed in order to ensure the public's trust. Our role in advocating for that is vital.
The decrease in the amount of sales tax will create budget holes that will need to be addressed in the coming years. Any new spending, and possibly current spending, will need to be justified in order to maintain the essential services counties must provide the residents.
In reference to the above question, state-mandates, such as Medicaid, make up 90% of our county budget, which the burden is then placed on the taxpayers of Erie County. I have strongly advocated that the state ease the financial burden they place on county budgets. Working with local representatives plays a key role in such advocacy and I will continue to work with them to fight for mandate relief from NYS. logo


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