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Erie County Legislator Erie County Legislative District 3

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    Anthony K Baney (GRN) General Labor

  • Peter J Savage III (DEM, WF, IND, WEP)

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How can we deal most effectively with the opioid problem and the need for additional funding to do so?

Infrastructure needs. All legislators complain about needed road repairs, improvements. What are your priorities related to infrastructure needs and why did you select these priorities?

What measures do you support to ensure that our water supply is safe and reliable?

What is the most important issue facing Erie County in the next two years and why is it the most important issue?

How can Erie County better address state-mandated Medicaid payments to lessen the burden on county taxpayers?

Education Erie Community College
Experience and Qualifications Candidate for Erie County Legislature (3rd District) - 2015 Candidate for New York Assembly (District 140) - 2016
Key Endorsements Erie County Green Party
I believe in looking at more research for holisitic approaches to treating medical conditions. Cannabis is a safe alternative to opiod prescriptions, and I believe state laws prevent affordability. I believe the County should take further steps to promote regular exercise, and halthy dietary choices. I believe these preventative care measures will help curb the need, and consumption of prescription opiods. I believe that the media should highlight that most overdoses occur from opiate analogues.
Erie County should promote more bicycling, which would bring down the cost associated from motor vehicle traffic. Erie County should also invest more in mass public transit. I believe that the Erie County Legislature should draft a resolution demanding that the NYS Legislature pass the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act. This would allow for cultivation of hemp, and could bring down the cost of maintaing roads. Hempcrete is made from hemp fibers and limestone.
The County needs to ensure that proper testing of water is occurring in every district, and neighborhood. The fact, that proper testing is not conducted, shows the unwilligness of public officials, to ensure the quality of water. I also believe that businesses should pay their fair amount in the burden of ensuring safe water quality with growing development.
I believe that apathy amongst the general public to tackle key local issues is the most important issue. There needs to be more highlight in schools on how to participate in local government. There needs to be a basic understanding on the checks, and balances with the enforcement of laws. Many times, residents do not know the proper agencies, or departments in order to address their greivances. I believe that the County should be more inclusive in decision making, such as budget appropriations.
I believe that Erie County should draft a resolution calling on the NYS Senate to pass the NY Health Act, as the Assembly has twice.
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