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Detroit Police Commissioner District 4

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    Willie E. Bell Detroit Police Commissioner District 4

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    Scotty Boman Professor

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What are your top 3 priorities for the Board of Police Commissioners in your 4-year term and how will you implement them?

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Education B.S. from Central Michigan University
Occupation/current position Detroit police commissioner
I have dedicated my life to promoting justice, fairness, and effectiveness in law enforcement. I know the importance of the impact that law enforcement has on communities. I am an U.S. Army Veteran and served in Vietnam. I was honorably discharged at the rank of sergeant. I later joined the Detroit Police Department and retired at the rank of lieutenant after 32 years of distinguished service. In 2013, I was elected to the Board of Police Commissioners (BOPC) and have served two terms as chairman.
My top priority is keeping the DPD connected to the community. This relationship allow citizens to feel confident that the BOPC will help prevent and address problems that may arise between the police and our community. As a member of the BOPC, I have spoken with Mayor Mike Duggan and Chief James Craig about this important aspect of the BOPC role. It is my priority to not only ensure that officers have access to the best resources,equipment, facilities, and training. I support new technologies to enhance community policing. Lastly, my priority is to maintain the police reforms achieved through the consent decree.
I am a strong supporter of the Neighborhood Police Officer program (NPO) throughout each of our 12 precincts. We have 52 NPOs that are dedicated to the betterment of their respective communities.
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Education B.S. from Western Michigan University in 1985, major(s) Physics & Philosophy. Minor in Mathematics. M.A. in Physics from WMU in 1987. M.A.T. from Wayne State University in 1999.
Occupation/current position Physics, math & astronomy professor WCCCD. Physics, astronomy, and Physical Science MCC.
I volunteer for local radio & Angels Night patrols. I’ve been the victim of police misconduct. I know that the best people have bad days, and that no profession is immune to bad actors. I see the need for a civilian commissioner who will be an advocate for concerned civilians who approach the Board of Police Commissioners with their concerns, while being understanding of the herculean challenges faced by law enforcement. I’ve been on the board of the Morningside neighborhood association since being elected in 2013, and I was founding Vice President of my neighborhood Patrol; I’m concerned about Detroit’s future.
1. Improve response time by reassessing priorities, with the objective of interrupting the crime in progress, and having incentives to attract more officers.

2. Reducing harm to civilians and officers by restricting dangerous practices like taser use, high-speed chases, no-knock raids and pet killings to cases where there is an imminent and verifiable threat to human life.

3. Make the board a true advocate for the community: Let people speak their minds at meetings without cutting them off, I'd revisit the residents in my district instead of waiting for an election year, & avoid conflicts of interest.
1. Expand civilian radio patrols, and reduce red-tape for people who want to get involved.

2. Expand the Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO) program to include more officers, some of whom would "Walk the beat" in neighborhoods.

3. Integrate home-based individual observers, radio patrols, and NPOs into a cohesive unit. This way, when someone complains about a problem, patrols can gather important information (at a safe distance) while a crime is in progress if the NPO or other officers are otherwise tasked. logo


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