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Niagara County Legislator Niagara County Legislative District 3

  • Mark J. Grozio (DEM, WF) Electrician/Assistant Business Mgr

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How can Niagara County better address state-mandated Medicaid payments to lessen the burden on county taxpayers?

What measures do you support to ensure that our water supply is safe and reliable?

What measures will you actively support to reduce the influence of money in politics?

What are the issues in YOUR district that need to be addressed by the Niagara County Legislature?

What specifically do you hope to accomplish if you are elected to office?

Education NCCC, NYS Certified Journeyman Wireman Electrician IBEW Local 237, Certified training instructor for Solor Power, Labor Studies George Meany Labor College, Washington DC
Experience and Qualifications 30 years in the IBEW, Assistant Business Manger for the last 8 years, on the Labor Management Committee, past member of the Niagara Falls Planning Board, Current member of the Niagara Falls Electrical Board
Key Endorsements Dem/WF Parties, CSEA 832, IBEW 41, 2104, 237, N. C. Bldg Trades, AFSCME 182, UAW Region 9, WNYCWA,
With approximately a $43,000,000 budget this year, we have implemented a 1 cent sales tax increase to be exclusively used for this purpose, which will result to approximately $26,000,000. We also have 3 investigators that monitor medicaid payments to eliminate fraud. Resolutions were also submitted to the state to take more of a percentage of payment to alleviate the burden on Niagara County .
In Niagara County we are always putting money into our water and sewer facilities. Being on the the Infrastructure Committee I see first hand of keeping up with technology and continue to provide maintenance to these facilities which is needed for the future generation to come. Also providing generators on site of pumping stations to continue to operate these stations in case of a power failure.
I would support a cap for different branches of government. While pay to play is challenging in all governments i would also be in favor of term limits to bring in fresh blood and ideas into our county.
Living in the City of Niagara Falls, where a high percentage of people are on some type of assistance, it is crucial that we continue to provide critical services for them. Also continue to budget under the tax cap for my constituents, and bring in more grants for infrastructure improvements. In addition, IDA tax incentives need to be controlled with more local labor.
With no opponent and being a 2 term incumbent, I will continue to advocate for more local labor and incentives to be given to projects using a work force from 'our' county. The farther away the percentage of work force, the lower incentives should be given. This will give strength for apprenticeship programs and also keep our youth in this area working for the trades! logo


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