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Niagara County Legislator Niagara County Legislative District 6

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    Jeffery E Flach (REP, CON, IND) Retired Army Officer/Business Owner

  • Dennis F. Virtuoso (DEM, WF) Niagara County Legislator

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How can Niagara County better address state-mandated Medicaid payments to lessen the burden on county taxpayers?

What measures do you support to ensure that our water supply is safe and reliable?

What measures will you actively support to reduce the influence of money in politics?

What are the issues in YOUR district that need to be addressed by the Niagara County Legislature?

What specifically do you hope to accomplish if you are elected to office?

Education Master of Art in Leadership Development University of Texas El Paso. Bachelor of Science in Psychology Tarleton State University
Experience and Qualifications Over 20 years of Active Military Service 7 years enlisted as a linguist and intelligence analyst 13 years as an officer. Retired Major. 2 combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Iraq negotiated and over saw 18 water projects, 52 school renovations plus other infrastructure projects. Developed lasting relationships between local leaders and US Forces
Key Endorsements Niagara County Independence and Conservative parties
I support Chris Collins efforts to use federal law to force states to be more responsible in their medicaid policies. I further support all efforts by state representatives to decrease the proportion of cost the state mandates that counties pay. As a county legislator I plan to challenge the State on this issue at every opportunity. One way will be requesting home rule and establish residency requirements. We should help our own but can not afford to accept out of state residents
I was the only resident of Niagara Falls to attend the NC Legislature's hearing regarding the sewage dumping in the Niagara River. Not even our sitting legislators attended. I look forward to reviewing the investigative results and taking action to ensure it doesn't continue. More importantly, I will seek the portion necessary of state's $2.8 billion allocation for clean water so we can improve our water treatment infrastructure and ensure a clean water supply for Niagara County.
I support contribution limits to individual campaigns. Further, I support any measure that improves the requirements for individuals and companies to publicly disclose their political contributions. I don't want to curb the freedom of individuals to support their values and beliefs through campaign contributions but I do not believe privacy rights can be extended to something that affects the public at large in so profound a manner as politics.
We need improved oversight particularly of the Niagara County Community College - center of bid rigging and abysmal student housing. The legislature must provide leadership in getting more federal and state law enforcement grants to combat drug trafficking. The legislature must correct it's error of allowing direct pay from DSS to landlords without conditions. The conditions to ensure the landlord is at least current with property taxes and the housing meets building code and health standards
I hope to bring the State and Federal attention the 6th district needs and deserves to correct it's problems. The district is the custodian of the a global treasure but the scars of our industrial past mar the beauty and prestige the water falls deserve. I hope to use federal and state resources to remove brown fields and industrial scars thus removing the threats to our health and the inhibitors to our economic growth.
Education Labor Management&Business Management Cornell University,Niagara University.Niagara County Community College. Certified Code Enforcement Officer New York State.
Experience and Qualifications I have been a member of the Niagara County Legislature since 1992. Held the position of Majority Leader from 1994 to1997 & 2001 to 2003. Currently I an the Minority Leader from 2004 to present. Former businessman owning two business on Pine Ave. in Niagara Falls, Pine Liquor and Pine Dairy.
Key Endorsements Niagara County Building Trades,CSEA,SEIU1199,CWA,Ironworkers #9 Democratic & Working Families Party
Several years ago the Niagara County Legislature passed a resolution to put a additional penny on our sales tax. This one cent addition would be used entirely to offset the cost of Medicaid. This generates an additional 26 to 27 million a year that is used to offset the mandated cost of Medicaid and not put the burden on the property taxpayer.
In Niagara County we have several water districts that operate with their own board of directors. The key to having a safe water supply is to continually update and maintain your water supply systems. The county health department does not have jurisdiction to over site of the water plants in the county. This is the responsibility of the State of New York.
Unfortunately to run a election campaign it cost money. This causes the candidate and their election committee to raise funds to get their message out to the public and the voters. You must be very cautious of who is donating to your campaign, that there is no conflict of interest or special interest monies being donated to your campaign.
JOBS,JOBS,JOBS. We need jobs that pay living wages were people can support a family. My district in Niagara Falls has created more jobs than anywhere in the county as well as economic development. Millions and millions of dollars have been invested in downtown Niagara Falls with new hotel projects and attractions.

I will continue to represent the people of Niagara County in the highest integrity and respect that they deserve. I have a reputation of always fighting for the people not the special interest. In my 26 years in office i have never voted for a property tax increase and will continue that philosophy. logo


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