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Erie County Legislator Erie County Legislative District 11

  • John J. Mills (REP, CON, IND, RFM) Founder and Owner of J. Mills Distributing, Chairman of the Erie County Legislature, Legislator of District 11

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How can we deal most effectively with the opioid problem and the need for additional funding to do so?

Infrastructure needs. All legislators complain about needed road repairs, improvements. What are your priorities related to infrastructure needs and why did you select these priorities?

What measures do you support to ensure that our water supply is safe and reliable?

What is the most important issue facing Erie County in the next two years and why is it the most important issue?

How can Erie County better address state-mandated Medicaid payments to lessen the burden on county taxpayers?

Education Life long resident of Orchard Park. Graduated from Orchard Park High School and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Buffalo.
Experience and Qualifications John's grassroots government service began in the Town of Orchard Park in 1976 by serving on the Public Safety Committee. He also served on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Zoning Commission. He was later elected Town Councilman, and Deputy Town Supervisor. In 2006 John was elected to serve as Erie County Legislator of District 11. In 2014, after serving as the Minority Leader for several years, he became the first Republican in 36 yrs to be elected Chairman of the Erie County Legislature
Key Endorsements AFSCME, Faculty Federation of Erie Community College
We need to focus on education, prevention, and recovery. Education to ensure that the community is aware of the profound risks associated with opioid use. Prevention through well informed citizens. And recovery through financial support of proven programs that assist those who are looking for help. As the Chairman of the Erie County Legislature, I voted in support of designating one million dollars toward addressing the opioid epidemic.
We should expect, and demand, safe roads, bridges, drainage, sewer and water systems. We need to increase funding availability from the Federal and State government as this is our most urgent need. I am deeply involved with infrastructure issues at the county level and serve on boards that focus on infrastructure issues including; Erie County Sewer District #3, Erie County Soil & Water Conservation District, Erie County Water Quality Committee, Erie County Fishery Advisory Board.
I sponsored the Microbead Law to help keep our waterways clean and support upgrades of our sewer treatment facilities and the management of the flow of phosphates into our lake. I actively serve on the board of Erie County Sewer District #3, and the Erie County Soil & Water Conservation Board.
The rising cost of operating county government. We need to find funding from State and Federal sources to bring our tax dollars back to Erie County to help with expense issues. We also need to stop Albany from sending us mandated services that we are forced to pay for with county dollars.
We need to lobby our New York State and Federal officials to stop sending unfunded services to our county that we are then obligated to pay for with county dollars. logo


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