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Niagara County Legislator Niagara County District 9

  • Randy R. Bradt (REP, CON, IND, RFM, GRN)

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    Edward A Smolinski (DEM) Police Lieutenant

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How can Niagara County better address state-mandated Medicaid payments to lessen the burden on county taxpayers?

What measures do you support to ensure that our water supply is safe and reliable?

What measures will you actively support to reduce the influence of money in politics?

What are the issues in YOUR district that need to be addressed by the Niagara County Legislature?

What specifically do you hope to accomplish if you are elected to office?

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Education associates degree service technology
Experience and Qualifications 29 yrs with North Tonawanda Police Dept current position Lieutenant, former Detective, Patrol Current Chairman North Tonawanda Waterfront commission, member North Tonawanda Traffic Safety committee.
Key Endorsements registered Independence Party, endorsed Democratic. waiting on several union endorsements
The Medicaid structure if forced on us by the NY state mandates controlled by the people who oversee the program on the state level. Those people must be removed in order for anything to change unless the President of the Us gets it changed so all Medicaid is funded at the state level.
As a 30-year police officer nothing is more important to me than safety. I am concerned when I hear the Waste Water Treatment Plant department head say, “There’s increased risk of catastrophic failure,” and ““We are very close to that now” at my city’s common council meetings.The fix he was requesting, due to water pump failures, was a minimal financial cost.We need to have better conversations and communication between our politicians and department heads to keep our water safe.
This issue can often be solved with transparency. Residents are purposely left in the dark to make things easier on politicians. Legislative and city meetings NEED to be broadcast on social media and city websites. Our city and county need a live video page on each website where people can view these meeting. It is our job to get the information out to our residents. Live monthly question and answer type meetings NEED to happen.Deals that happen in the open are less likely to be misguided.
I hope to better represent my city at the county level. I want to fix problems, like the North Tonawanda Police/Niagara county police dispatch issue, before they become dangerous. I want to get answers for the people in my city who live on Forbes St. that are dealing with a cross county border toxic waste dump issue. I will be a proactive not a reactive legislature. These are just two serious issues in my district that the County Legislature can address.
I want my city’s residents and workers to be better represented at the county level. It is un acceptable to me that the issues of toxic waste and first responder dispatch were not addressed sooner. I want to put an end to union workers having to strike or picket to get a fair contract. I will do my part to get city and county workers reliable and fair contracts that are good for our tax payers and our workers. I will protect our residents and make sure safety issues are addressed proactively. logo


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