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The Mayor is the chief executive officer and the highest elected official of the City of Albany. The Mayor appoints the heads of departments, as well as members of various commissions, committees, and boards needed to administer the City’s affairs. The office is responsible for the overall management of City government, its personnel, services, and programs4 year term 2018-20212017 salary $135,403
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    Frank J Commisso Jr (Ind) Director of Municipal Affairs Albany County Audit & Control

  • Bryan J Jimenez (Grn) Shift Supervisor

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    Katherine M Sheehan (Dem, WF, WEP) Mayor

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    Joseph P Sullivan (Con) retired

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Biographical Information

What have you done that qualifies you for this position?

If you are elected, what would you like to accomplish during your term in office?

Campaign Phone (518) 815-0873
Community Involvement Albany County Democratic Committee since 2006 Member of the Eagle Point Neighborhood Association
Experience and Qualifications Auditor and public servant for sate and local government since 2007 Common Council Member for the past eight years Life long Democrat
I am currently Director of Municipal Affairs at the Albany County Department of Audit and Control, where I submitted a government efficiency plan on behalf of Albany County and its cities, towns, villages, library districts and fire districts. The plan achieved nearly $2.5 million in property tax rebates for homeowners throughout the county. Prior to my service for Albany County, I worked as an auditor for the New York State Office of the State Comptroller, where I audited New York State health insurance programs.

I was elected to the Albany Common Council in 2009, and when sworn in, I was the youngest member to ever serve on the body. After only a few months on the Common Council, I established myself as having a broad understanding of city finances and a command of financial best practices among local governments.

I graduated from St. Lawrence University with a dual major in economics and government.
-Reduce property taxes, regressive fees and nuisance fines by auditing every dollar of tax exempt activity at places such as Albany Med and SUNY Poly

-Stimulate locally-owned and locally-operated taxable growth by overhauling Albany's economic development structure and utilizing incentives that meet the needs of existing Albany taxpayers

-Settle outstanding labor contracts with our city workforce

-Combat climate change by building a solar farm on city-owned property in Coeymans and making new investments in greenspace

-Expand Albany's traffic division and terminate Albany's failed red light camera program so that revenue from traffic enforcement is returned to city taxpayers

-Implement proactive code enforcement by utilizing our firefighters to eliminate backlog of code violations

-Rehabilitate our housing stock by offering an unutilized tax incentive to Albany residences who increase the value of vacant and abandoned buildings

Community Involvement I have participated in voter registration drives, environmental campaigns, and political campaigning.
Experience and Qualifications Four years of political and economic study. Eight years of being a concerned and aware citizen.
I have spent years paying attention to the global and domestic economic swings -- how countries. states, and cities have reacted to crises like the Great Recession and what we can learn from their mistakes. I try to understand the struggles and ideas of Albany residents I talk to, to get a greater feel for the city and what needs to be focused on. I also walk the streets, taking note of problems I see and areas I know we can see good, resident-directed development.
I would like to streamline city government by merging departments with similar goals while providing the support they need to continue operations.

Once that is complete, I want to turn the city's focus onto acquiring and rebuilding/repairing abandoned and neglected properties to turn into affordable housing and cooperative storefronts/office spaces -- the latter would be a jobs program for the city's unemployed and underemployed.

I want to work with CDTA to improve busing in the city. Weekend, early morning and late night bus schedules place stress on the working class who are trying to make it to their first (and in cases, second) job. More late night busing, for instance, would also help develop Albany's entertainment scene.

I would also like to establish an auxiliary police for Albany that works closely with the Albany Police Department to reduce the workload on our police officers and provide closer ties between communities and police.
Campaign Phone (518) 892-3854
Community Involvement Co-Founder of Albany Promise Member and Trustee of St' Vincent DePaul Church Treasurer of School 19 (now New Scotland Elemantary) PTA
Experience and Qualifications Current Mayor of Albany Former City Treasurer
I am running for a second term as Mayor because I believe that honest public service can improve lives and communities. With decades of service to the Albany community, as well as more than seven years of service in the Albany city government, first as City Treasurer and now as the sitting Mayor, my career has been founded on ensuring that our city lives up to the promise of opportunity for all. I assessed where we were as a city, gauged room for improvement and dedicated myself to working with our residents, our agencies, and various elected officials to make Albany a safe, equitable, and desirable city for people of all walks of life. I have stayed true to that promise and have produced tangible results for every neighborhood in the city.
When first I ran for Mayor, I promised to implement an Equity Agenda focusing on investing in the historically underserved neighborhoods in Albany. As part of this equity agenda, we have made very important reforms to the way policing is done in our communities. Under my direction, the Albany Police Department was the third city in the United States to implement Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion, which allows police officers to exercise discretion when dealing with low-level offenders and divert them to services they need such as mental health and away from the criminal justice system. Also, during my three and a half years as Mayor, I’ve worked to build a solid foundation from which we can put our city on a sustainable fiscal path. If given the opportunity to serve this city for another term, I would like to continue this work and bring four more years of progress to our city.
Campaign Phone (518) 438-5230
Community Involvement 42 years local/state politics Pal of Dan O'Connell, Charlie Ryan, Dick Conners Howard Nolan 8 years Governor Hugh Carey Administration 32 years President/Founder Buckingham Pond/Crestwood Neighborhood Association , Albany
Experience and Qualifications U S Navy seagoing navigating QM2 Captain New York Guard BS Geography, U Wisconsin (Korean GI Bill) MA Geography, U Minnesota (National Fellowship)
Biography see above
Occupation and Special Skills College/University teaching, regional/historical geography North America, land use planning/zoning, agriculture/open space protection
Website, facebook page or other links Listen to interviews: Focus on Albany blogspot radio, Cynthia Pooler
Charting courses, making weather observations, standing watches, responsible for the safety of large warships at sea and in port. Avoiding collisions or running aground. Upholding the Constitution, understanding the history and geography of our Nation. and sharing what I have learned with others. Possessing an inquiring, analytical mind, the ability to communicate and readily assuming a leadership role in whatever I do.

As President of the Buckingham Pond/Crestwood Neighborhood Association, I have led the way to protect the residential integrity and quality of life in this an adjacent residential neighborhoods of Uptown Albany. Blocking detrimental land use, zoning and development changes . Creation of Buckingham Pond Park (1994), Rezoning Albany muni Golf Course Land Conservation (LC), creation of neighborhood green spaces along New Scotland Avenue at South Manning, Krum Kill Rd and Whitehall Rd. Planting many trees to beautify the neighborhood, Go to
Restore the City of Albany to fiscal solvency and the rule of law. Promote emergency/disaster preparedness.Provide property tax relief.. Less government control. LIberty. Reduce spending,.Improve city services including snow removal, recycling, waste disposal. Improve job opportunities and resource development.

Executive Orders: 1. Declaring Albany is NOT a sanctuary City. Directing the APD to cooperate with ICE in enforcing U S Immigration Law. Thereby avoiding loss of millions of dollars annual fed aid 2,. Set 25 mph speed limit on all City residential streets, direct APD to strict enforcement of all V & T Laws.. 3. ZONING Set 6 month moratorium on Rezone Albany, in contemplation of amendment/repeal.

Convince Governor to honor $15 million annual PILOT for Harriman State Office Campus. It is iin our, and his, best interests..

Set about achieving consolidation of City schools/City government. One tax roll to fund both. Return to K-8 neighborhood schools. See my websites 4 more logo


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