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  • Karen B. Johnson (CON, DEM, IND, WOR) Fund Raiser Proctors

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What are the most pressing issues facing Schenectady County? How would you propose to address them during your term of office?

What is your motivation for running for this office? What special skills, knowledge, expertise, or training do you have?

Education AB Harvard College; MS RPI
Experience Served as Councilwoman for 8 years; Mayor as 8 years and 16 years at County Legislator.. Leadership in many community activities: Jazz on Jay, Kids Arts Festival, Stockade Art Show, Sunnyview Board of Directors, Chair MVP Board of Directors, Schenectady Schools Foundation
1. Continued support of economic development and housing activity. Metroplex has provided some funds and a process to create community investment. They have teamed up with the County on a new literacy center planned for Crane Street. They have facilitated major housing investment on Hamilton Hill. We need to create more nodes of development in neglected neighborhoods such as Hamilton Hill,Vale Neighborhood, Crane Street and Bellevue. Major housing investment on Hamilton Hill has been facilitated by Metroplex.

2. Work to improve public health. This can be improved (if not solved) by collaborating within the community to align goals and focus on a specific community problem. I would propose we continue our focus here: better nutrition, breast feeding, salt, and smoking cessation. This is an on-going difficult challenge when we seek to change long term habits..
I have always had a great interest in public service. Much can be done from outside government but these days, a collaborative community process with government and public sector working together is needed to solve almost any problem. All the parties need to be brought to the table with legislators as problem solvers and information sharers. Understanding this and being part of the government gives me an opportunity to facilitate progress in many areas .

I understand and have skill at community collaborating and networking along with a strong understanding of what government can and cannot do. My service at the City made me very knowledgeable on their role as well as the County's role. And I have worked on many projects outside the governments. This requires creativity, patience and good listening skills. I also have expertise in health care which applies to Glendale Home and Public Health among other areas from my long government service.. logo


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