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Rotterdam Receiver of Taxes

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    Yvonne L. Cleveland (CON, REP, REF, GRN) Working for State Comptroller in retirement system as Examiner 3

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    Diane J. Martin (DEM, IND, WOR, WEP) Receiver of Taxes

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Please describe the most important issues you would face in this position, and how you would deal with them.

How has your background and experience prepared you for this position.

Education BA from Clemson University
Experience 30 years of Financial experience, 28 years of Banking and 2 years with Tax and Finance with New York State. 30 years of providing great customer service.
The Receiver of Taxes is a service position. I believe we need to add some modernization to the office . Look to saving cost by consolidating services with other departments. This position is not a voting member of the Town board so I would concentrate on providing great customer service. One of the other things I would like to look into is setting up payment plan system to make things a little easier for residents.
I have a long banking background and worked in Tax and Finance. I am well qualified for this position. I have branch banking experience, 25 years of managing a financial office. 2 years with the Tax department and very familiar with the Star program. I believe I am well prepared for this office.
Being Receiver of Taxes is not an office that deals with public policy issues. It is a service job. My main concern is to serve the people of Rotterdam with professionalism, courtesy and respect. I would work hard to provide sound fiscal management of the tax collecting process; continued modernization and computerization of the tax office along with providing responsive service to our taxpayers. I will investigate computer software and processes that make paying taxes more convenient. I will do this task with a compassion and caring approach to everyone. I hope to follow in Dawn Pasquariello's footsteps but there are always ways to improve service.
I have a decade of experience working in town hall. I add a lot of private sector experience, with financial background from two family-owned businesses. logo


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