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Danny Hancock was elected as the board member for District #18 for the Tulsa County Area Vocational/Technical Schools. The election results were as follows:Danny Hancock 988 votes 61.87%Roy D. McClain 609 votes 38.13%The Tulsa County Area Vocational/Technical School District #18 was created by the state legislature for students in Tulsa County and parts of Osage, Creek, Okmulgee, Pawnee, Washington and Wagoner Counties. The district is divided into seven zones. Board members are elected by zone and serve seven-year terms. Compensation is $25 per meeting. The Board meets at 12:00 p.m. on the second Monday of the month and at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month at the Skyline East 1 building, Tulsa Technology Center.Voters in Board District 1 and 5 will go to the polls on Tuesday, February 14, 2017. If a run-off election is required it will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.
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    Danny Hancock (NP) Construction Manager

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What do you see as the role of the public schools in preparing students for continuing education whether in college, technology schools or job-based training?

What changes or improvements would you recommend be made to ensure that Tulsa Technology is keeping pace with changing work force and economic needs of the community and of its students? How should technology schools prepare for future needs?

What are your thoughts about how the district and school sites can encourage involvement and participation from families who have felt disenfranchised from their local school communities?

Address 3350 S. 184th west avenue Sand Springs, OK 74063
Education Charles Page High School Associates Degree - Construction Mgmt
Professional Experience Licensed Plumbing Contractor OK & AR Licensed Mechanical Journeyman OK General Contractor
Community Organizations in which you participate AGC of OK (Assoc. General Contractors) TTCEF (Tulsa Tech Educ Foundation) Knights of Columbus (Catholic based group) State Code Commissioner (OUBCC) - appointed by Governor Fallin in 2014 CLC (Constructors Leadership Council)
Campaign Phone (918) 625-5433
I believe our public educational system should be modified to incorporate more common sense classes (i.e. personal finance, cooking, etc) and earlier determination of a students choice, or best fit, of a career. Unfortunately this is a larger task that our public schools need state participation to modify the system. For now, it appears councelors from both high school and career tech/college's need to continue to improve communication on student directions and program options as well as financial aid.
Tulsa Technology Center Administration currently is doing a great job of communicating with industry and I would want to assist with not only continuing their current directions, but hopefully help fill some gaps I believe we have with more technical trades such as Construction. Having the opportunity to help fill these gaps I believe will bring opportunities to fill other gaps that may exist within the TTC programs and their related industries. Additionally, there are multiple opportunities with our Governor's workforce initiative, returning military and even with the Latino community. Certainly language barrier's slow progress down with improving workforce between industry needs and available Latino communities. Technology schools prepare for the future by maintaining a ongoing relationship and communication with local industries, instructors, parents, councelors and even students. Too many times not inviting students to the table leaves out idea's. Additionally, it's important for technology schools to be ahead as much as possible of ever changing technology. This ranges from attending seminars, conferences, or generally inviting new technology to the schools for a better look.
I believe this questions circles back around to my answer to the first question. I believe the entire state education system should be modified to get to students earlier for career direction, then leading their final few years of high school with education that better fits their chosen careers. A direction with a chosen career that leads to earning a good salary, that typically follows into life choices (marriage, home or vehicle ownership, kids, hobbies, etc.) all typically brings families together as a sense of passion knowing the family member has a strong path ahead. The change in our educational system if it's anything as I mention, would automatically bring more involvement from career techs or colleges that we do now because of the structure. We all know it's important to start right early in life, where as now it seems as if high school students start over or just start on a path their first year of college or career tech, but statistics may show that more so graduates need to immediately start working and grab onto whatever is available, versus having an earlier start. logo


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