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Valley Center Council Member Ward 1

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Ronald (Ron) Lee Colbert (N) Retired Veteran and Truck Driver

Biographical Information

Personal Biography Married 53 years with 2 grown children. Member of the following club. Kiwanis, American Legion, 50th Vietnam War Commemorative Program (executive director) Non Commission Officer Association, plus many more.
Campaign Address 121 South wind
Campaign Phone (316) 755-2824
Campaign Email
Campaign Web Site http://none
Education Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justices Administration. Master in Management-Public Administration.
Community/Public Service City Council Member, member of WAMPO Sedgwick County of Cities (SCAC). Lions Club, Kiwanis, plus many more.
Address 121 Southwind
Web Site None as of today
Campaign phone 3167552824

What you feel is the most pressing issue is in your City?

Roads, Water, swimming pool, transportation, play grounds plus much more. Bring new business and affordable housing to the City. Provide more opportunity to keep our young citizens in the city by making sure they have jobs, housing, entertainment, restaurants, church's that they would remain in the area. Keep the community informed of special projects and seek their input. Keep tax in line with the wishes of the community but available to increase when necessary.

Several smaller communities are being affected by the cost of providing local EMS services and other emergency services, how do think these issues should be addressed?

Not at this time, however if things change then the answer is yes. We must provide the best service one can do.

Recent storms have created serious problems in towns surrounding Wichita by creating flooding and other damages that have created unplanned expense to the citizens and the cities. Would you consider raising taxes to offset some of this expense or are there other ways to can see they could be paid for?

As our city just had a survey complete on this topic this is hard to answer. In one respect the community would like to see how we are going to handle this problem (flooding and drainage system) with out raising taxes. However, There are individuals in favor of a tax increase to handle the flooding and drainage system problem. So the city will have to study, review, explain to the citizens and then take the best action required. They will also have to seek additional fund of county, state, and federal government to help pay for this project. The bad part is that this takes time (time in which we may not have) and spend wisely.

How important is it to maintain public schools in your city?

In a small town public schools must be maintained and run smoothly. The School is the center of most activities both for the young people and the family activities. It helps keep the family working with each other to improve their life. Offer a life experience that will benefit the students when they leave their homes. Select the best teachers, principals, and superintendent and staff to provide the leadership in making the school the best.

If elected, what strengths do you feel you can bring to the position?

As I still new to this process, I feel I can offer guidance and logic to a problem and help explain the pro and con of special projects. I like to work on projects and watch how everything comes together. Once a project is completed I feel that I have left something behind and the community as a whole will benefit from it for years to come. I also find that being a sounding board for the community, many more people get involved in different project. My past experience as a Military Veteran, A Salesman, Store Manger, and Long Distance truck driver has offer me a better view of options and how to plan, help, serve, the community.