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US House District 5 Democratic Primary

The winner of the US House District 5 Democratic Primary Race will be the Democratic Nominee for this office in the November 5 General Election. Any qualified Virginia voter is permitted to vote for races on either the Democratic or Republican Primary Ballot (but not both) for this Election. Campaign finance details for candidates in this race can be found on the VPAP website.

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    Paul A. Riley

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    Gary L. Terry

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    Gloria Tinsley Witt

Biographical Information

What steps should be taken by Congress to help ensure a strong economy, including access to job training, economic opportunity, and affordable housing for all Virginians?

What will you do to address the impact of climate change on the Commonwealth of Virginia?

What specific steps will you take to ensure that all Virginians have access to high quality health insurance and affordable health care, including reproductive care and prescription drug coverage?

What are the most important steps you will take to create an accessible path to citizenship, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients?

What measures do you support to restore trust in our elections, support election officials who administer our elections, and ensure that states do not reduce but instead encourage voter access to the ballot box?

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Campaign Twitter handle @@gterry4congress
Campaign Phone 434-713-4704
Biography Gary is an accomplished servant leader with many years of professional experience in the private sector as well as the non-profit sector. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and served five years as an Officer in the Army. He has worked for two Fortune 500 companies, an international software company, as an Executive Director for the YMCA and as CEO for the Boys & Girls Clubs in Danville, VA. In addition, he has been the Board Chair for two youth serving non-prof
1. Provide funding for subsidized housing to relieve the issue of affordable housing for seniors and those living below the poverty line. 2. Provide funding to provide more section 8 funding for the district. 3. Work with states to provide additional funding for teachers pay and for more teachers. 4. Provide additional funding to expand federal grants for those that want to attend trade schools as opposed to college. This will increase the available local labor base thereby making the area more desirable for companies to establish operations here. 5. Work with local governments to provide funds for providing tax incentives to companies (providing living wage jobs) to move into our district. 6. Ensure that rural areas have broadband
Climate change is a national issue. We must enforce and attain the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement. In addition, as a congressman, I will need to work with other congressmen and political leaders to ensure that other countries are striving to meet their goals agreed upon in the Paris Agreement. 1. I will propose legislation to support the development of renewable energy (solar and wind farms) 2. I will work with state legislators to review the state restrictions on creation of renewable energy farms. We need a path to make renewable energy farms easier to create. 3. Provide federal funding as an incentive to state and local governments to create more renewable energy farms.
1. I will work to protect SS, Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA. 2. I will work to expand Medicare for all. 2. I will work to codify a woman's rights to make decisions concerning her body under the 14th amendment (Federal law) 3. I will work to introduce legislation to cap the cost of drugs to include letting Medicaid have the power to negotiate drug prices. 4. I will work to establish funding to keep rural health facilities open and to attract more medical professionals to our district 5. I will work to establish funding to support a Teledoc system for our rural areas (Will need to push installation of broadband to make it work).

1. Support DACA! Introduce legislation that will create an abbreviated and simplified path to citizenship. Will work to create funding to support this effort (more judges and counselors) 2. Provide additional federal funding for the southern border. We need more border patrol agents and judges to be able to process asylum seekers in a more timely manner. 3. Work to create an efficient and direct path to citizenship for those undocumented workers already living in the United States.
1. Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. 2. Issuance of driver's license or state ID automatically registers one to vote 3. I would explore the idea of Ranked Choice Voting for all federal elections.
Campaign Phone 434-515-1322
Biography Born and raised in Amherst County, Virginia, Gloria Tinsley Witt is a country girl who values faith, family, justice, and community building. Our rights and fundamental freedoms are under attack, and I want to use my voice to energize dissatisfied voters and build bridges to advance legislation for ‘we the people.’
Expand funding for career technical programs in k-12 public schools to ensure that every graduate (that does not attend a 2 or 4-year college/university or enlist in the military) has a career skill that aligns with local business workforce talent needs. This strategy would provide a workforce talent pipeline for existing businesses to expand or attract new businesses to localities while providing living wage jobs to the community.

Provide affordable housing for low-income individuals and families with financial assistance programs, i.e., rental assistance, vouchers, or down payment assistance. Incentivize developers with tax breaks and innovating new efficient housing designs.
Transition to renewable energy sources, i.e., solar, wind, nuclear, hydrogen. Shift towards more efficient energy uses in buildings and homes, build out the infrastructure to add charging stations to support the electric car industry, and invest in reforestation by planting trees and focusing on organic farming.
Protect the Affordable Care Act and Social Society; increase funding for community health centers; invest in developing healthcare workers to ensure more doctors, nurses, and technicians are available in the workforce. This may mean creating an incentive for individuals to enter the profession.

Regarding reproductive care, we must codify Roe vs. Wade and pass the Women's Reproductive Health Act and Birth Control Act to ensure women's right to reproductive care.
Propose legislation to automatically award DACA recipient's citizen ship after being in the country a certain number of years.
Pass the John Lewis Voting Act to restore the pre-clearance requirement for states and localities that change voting laws/procedures that have a history of discriminatory practices.