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Republican Precinct Committeeman 514

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    Michael Burgess

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    Russell Mann

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Campaign Statement Elect Michael Burgess, Precinct 514 Committeeman: Proven, experienced leadership.
Campaign Phone 2087733572
I have served as a volunteer Precinct Committeeman since Feb. 2014, and have been re-elected to serve my precinct 6 times. During this time, my original precinct grew from 2,226 voters to nearly 7,800 voters and the precinct boundaries changed 3 times. I also served as a delegate at the Idaho State GOP convention four times, was elected District Vice-Chair from 2024–2018, then elected as District Chair from 2018-2022. I was appointed Legislative Committee Chair for Kootenai County in 2016, and in 2019 was appointed by the Region 1 Chair to the GOP Special Redistricting Committee
First, the precinct Committeeman has legal duties which were formerly specified right on the ballot: “Precinct Committeeman and Voters’ Delegate to the Party’s County and District Conventions.” Currently the ballot simply says “Candidates for Party Office.” Committeemen elect the leadership of the County GOP Committee, the Legislative District 5 Committee, and state convention delegates who elect the leadership of the Idaho party. In parallel, committeemen should strive to keep their precinct voters informed about issues, candidates, elections, government officeholders, and Republican events while advocating for Republican principles.
I have voted in Kootenai County as a Qualified Elector in every election since moving here in 1993. I have lived and worked in the greater Northwest all of my life. I was born and raised in the Spokane Valley, attended the 1969 National Scout Jamboree at Farragut before being awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, moved to Montana with my family at the age of 16, then returned to Idaho with my wife and children in 1993. My wife and I have been married for 43 years. We have five responsible adult children, and have lived in the same house in Post Falls for more than 30 years. I retired from Honeywell Electronic Materials after 24 years of service. I walk our precinct to serve election information to voters two to three elections a year.
Voters should ask themselves "how much of the Idaho GOP Platform resonates with me? Candidates should be measured against that, as well as their prior track records. I have served our precinct since 2014. Last March I stepped up to captain our multi-precinct Presidential Caucus. I am honored to be a founder of a new classical curriculum charter school in Post Falls, with a wait list of over 760 students. You may not want Idaho to repeat what happened where you came from. Our children will be voting in a few short years, most of their teachers are cut from the same cloth. We owe it to our ancestors and children to do everything possible to preserve our Republic. What will you do to help keep our Republic intact?
Campaign Email
Campaign Statement North Idaho is a special place that deserves better leadership. Good leadership requires integrity, transparency, and accountability. I ask for your vote to make Idaho a better place.
The PC position is about representation and leadership in the Kootenai County Republican Party. Good leadership requires integrity. Integrity requires transparency and accountability.
Since 2002
Our community in Kootenai County, is special. We are conservative people who care deeply about our values, and live these values in our businesses, schools, service organizations, and our homes.

People choose to live in Kootenai County for the values we share. Small, limited, but effective government is a value shared by nearly everyone in Kootenai County.

Our Kootenai County Republican Party is an effective leader in fielding candidates for local offices and helping them to get elected. The leadership of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee (KCRCC) is crucial to the leadership of Kootenai County.

Our values should create Trust in our community. Those values are Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability.