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Republican Precinct Committeeman 503

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    Eric Knudtsen

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    David Stoltz

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Have you ever served as a Precinct Committeeman?

What do you think are the most important priorities as a Precinct Committeeman?

How long have you been a voter in Kootenai County?

Is there anything else you would like to tell the voters?

Campaign Email
Campaign Phone 2086592277
I feel the most important priorities are to help educate and communicate with voters in their precinct and to encourage people to get out and vote so that qualified candidates are elected.
I have been a voter in Kootenai county for 40 years.
I have lived in Kootenai county my whole life and have seen many changes over the years both good and not so good. This is a great place to live and raise a family and I want to help ensure it remains that way.
Campaign Email
Campaign Statement Don't cede any more ground to the Left. The Kootenai GOP (KCRCC) is over the target and taking fire because we are EFFECTIVE in rooting out fake Republicans and identifying candidates who will stand for YOUR conservative values. We are hated for this. Conservatives are being primaried against in every county in the state. The opposition wants to put an END to informed voting and get their lukewarm, 30% "Republican" agenda promoted. The KCRCC is the conservative model and other counties are following our lead and catching fire! Don’t believe everything you read in the papers; we are not the “haters” here. Let's turn this country around. Join me in our civic duty as citizens to protect our country from ruin. Ask me how to Keep Idaho RED.
Campaign Website
Mailing Address Post Falls, ID 83854
I have been the volunteer "PC" in precinct 503 for the past year, handing out information related to candidates, ballot issues and braving the cold on election night. Most recently I ran the caucus for 6 precincts, including 2 vacant precincts, and recruited volunteers, made signs, planned the venue, secured the facilities and all other responsibilities necessary for a well-organized event.

I do not have “deep pockets”, a big name, or wealthy friends and businesses. I am just doing what I can for the city, county, state and country I love and call home. I will NOT duck and cover, hire someone else to do this job poorly, or sit at home and let this effort die. It’s a labor of love, of duty, and an honor to serve.
I see the PC as a "grunt level" volunteer position. As such, it entails support for the goals & precepts of the organization we represent: “to enhance freedom and prosperity by promoting fiscally and socially conservative candidates who will implement the Idaho Republican Party Platform as policy.” I do not swear any oaths to the party; I pledge allegiance to the flag. The IDGOP platform is readily available at IDGOP.ORG. Many who would like to “take the reins” of the local GOP committees do not embrace true conservative values; otherwise they would not be working AGAINST us. The PC puts in the hard work to help voters identify where candidates and issues are in relation to the values promoted by the GOP: Faith, Family, Freedom.
Since I moved to Kootenai County in 2022. I have been a Republican voter since I was 18 and do not recall ever missing an election.

I believe that abortion is the killing of innocent human life, that borders should be respected, that illegal aliens are criminals and need to be held accountable (not given free welfare and cell phones). That Government should serve the people and not vice versa, and a strong defense is the key to sovereignty. The 2nd Amendment prevents totalitarianism. Freedom isn’t free; but it should not require $33T of debt and allegiance to China, the WHO and the UN. It is clear that America is under attack from within, and we need strong leaders who will reject wokeism, and stand for what is right and not what is easy.
The Republican Party is getting attacked in and across town, up and down the state, and throughout the US. Not just in the media, but with shady PACs, big donors and intricate lawsuits. This is all so that the conservative organizations and movements (GOP, NRA, MAGA) can be discredited, silenced, and emasculated in order to make way for the New World Order of the Uniparty. The GOP has been infiltrated and undermined, and the “grass roots” is where we will instill new life and hope into society. Don’t let the “moderates” compromise your values and deal away the country you love. It is not extreme to keep boys out of girls' bathrooms and porn away from kids. Stand firm against all enemies, foreign and domestic! Vote for David Stoltz, PC 503.