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    Beverly Guenette

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    Todd Tondee

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Yes, for the past four years. Two years previous to being voted in as Precinct Committeeman I went to the KCRCC monthly meetings. I sat in the audience watching what went on at the meetings. I wanted to see how effective the KCRCC was and if it aligned with my values. I was not interested in getting involved in a group that was politically social and did not accomplish much. I was pleasantly surprised that the committee as a whole was very productive and very conservative. I was proud to become involved with the KCRCC. I still am proud of my involvement with the KCRCC.
I feel it is my duty and mission to inform people in my precinct about local politics. I keep them informed of upcoming elections and who the candidates are. I inform them of upcoming town halls and meetings where they can meet candidates informally and ask questions of them. This is helpful for them to find out if the candidate(s) align with their values. I would like every voter to make an informed voting decision. Most of the people in my precinct know that I'm available to them if they have any questions. I have on many occasions connected them with a candidate on the phone so they can have a conversation with that candidate. I make myself accessible to my precinct.
Since 2014. I prefer voting in person on election day. I've been a judge at the voting polls for the past several years, so I vote absentee in order to be available on election day at the precinct I'm a judge at. Either way, I make sure I vote. I wish people would vote in more elections than just the presidential election. The local elections are just as important, and maybe even more so. Local elections are the elections that affect our local taxes. Being a judge at the polls, I see the difference. On presidential elections, the voting lines are Disneyland lines; on local elections, voters trickle in and out all day. Please, let's change that.
I am opposed to boys being allowed in the girls' bathrooms or girls' sports. I feel sexually explicit materials should not be in the children's section of the library. I know a lot of negatives are being said about the KCRCC. I'd ask the community to come to the monthly meetings and see for yourself what takes place. You will find that the negative things you're hearing are incorrect. The KCRCC is a group of about 73 people who care about the community and who want to keep us from becoming like the large cities where families, people no longer feel safe. I have been awarded State Committeeman of the Year. I'm proud to say I will be a Trump delegate at the 2024 Republican National Convention. It's been an honor serving as a PC.
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Campaign Statement I have been in Kootenai County for over 30 years. My Republican mentor is Ronald Reagan, and I believe I bring integrity to the position
Campaign Phone 208-640-3446
No I have not however I have served on Post Falls City Council and as your Kootenai County Commissioner and also on the Post Falls Highway District Board. All Elected by the citizens.
We need to bring back integrity to the postion and stop the King Pin style of representation. I subscribe to the republican values of Ronald Reagan. Which are small but effective government. In my view the role of the Central Precinct Committeeman is to support the Republican Candidate winners of the Primary election not select who should be supported in the Primary election.
I have lived and Voted in Kootenai County since 1994.
I believe every voice should be heard and that if someone wants to run in the primary it is up to fellow republicans to choose who they want representing them, not for a select few to select who should win based on their slant of what a republican looks like.