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Republican Precinct Committeeman 404

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    Janice Camarena

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    Joshua Dahlstrom

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Campaign Statement Janice Camarena for precinct 404
Campaign Phone 208-758-6501
Yes, I have served for the last 3 years on a great committee. I spent most of my life working with children and fighting for the conservative values that I hold dear. For many years I was a director of a children's ministry and then as a youth pastor. For the last 27 years I have worked with Ward Connerly and the American Civil Rights Institute passing legislation to end race-based affirmative action. Having multiracial children of my own, I fight to make sure that discrimination in any form is never accepted in this country. After the death of my son-in-law, who was hit by an IED in Afghanistan, I found healing in volunteering as chaplain and then as president of the VFW Post 889 auxiliary.
Our job as committeemen is to be a voice for our constituents and express their thoughts to our elected officials. Do extensive background checks and examine voting records on every candidate to make sure that they align with the heart of the Republican platform. To walk our precincts and meet our neighbors to help keep them informed about all elections and political happenings. To make sure that I am always available to my neighbors if they have any questions and if I do not know the answers to make sure that I find them for them and to accommodate them if they need help getting to any poling sites.
6 years
We now live in a country where people think it's okay to normalize, telling children that they were born in the wrong body. Allowing children to have their bodies mutilated or put on hormone blockers. We live in a country where killing innocent unborn babies has become accepted and where people continually try to draw racial lines through its people to point out our differences, which is nothing more than melanin, instead of trying to unite us as Americans! We live in a country where it's acceptable to not stand for our national anthem and where people think it’s okay to have sexually explicit material in the children's section of our library and our schools.

That is not the country we want. I fight for the America our children deserve.
Campaign Email
Campaign Statement Return Kootenai County to the conservative values of the Republican Party
Campaign Phone (208)991-0109
The most important priorities as a Precinct Committeeman are focused around party unity. The Precinct Committeeman should be engaging voters and reaching out to encourage people to be informed about the candidates. The Precinct Committeeman also participates in determining, endorsing, and supporting candidates for various offices.
I have been a voter in Kootenai County for 10 years.
We have witnessed what happens when passionate people allow power to corrupt. Divisiveness and hurtful rhetoric have become the norm in our local central committee. In a time when division and name calling need to be replaced with unity and grace, we should rally behind the conservative candidates who truly represent the values of the Republican Party. Let's support each other in getting back to being the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Regan.