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    Lori Anderson

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    Penelope Harries-Morris

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Have you ever served as a Precinct Committeeman?

What do you think are the most important priorities as a Precinct Committeeman?

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Campaign Statement God, Family, Country
Campaign Phone 208-683-1803
Yes, I have been a Precinct committee man for 5 years.
Precinct committeemen have the very important responsibility of being available to their constituents in their precinct to answer questions and bring information. We also have the great honor of distributing candidate materials and information for legislators and senators, as well as County officials, and other elected officials, during an election. We are the liaison between our Precinct communities and our state officials. When the communication works correctly, the people have all the power in their government.
I moved here in 2006 and started voting immediately in the next election.
I love to talk to people and be open and transparent about my beliefs. I am a Christian conservative, homeschooling mom and grandmother, local business owner, and part-time substitute special ed teacher. My favorite thing is to educate young adults and people in general about their power to vote, and decide what happens in all of our government, local and state, as well as, at the federal level. The founding fathers gave us a republic, if we can keep it! How we keep it is, the power of the people running the government. Not the government running the people. God says, the people perish for lack of knowledge. Therefore, it is my greatest honor to be able to teach people and share these important truths.
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Campaign Phone 208967-4952
No, but I have attended KCRCC meetings many times.
Precinct Committeemen meet monthly to help support the State Republican party, as well as make decisions that directly impact our community - from our involvement in our schools to supporting our Republican lawmakers. Committeemen also ensure that voters have a voice.
9 years
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