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Kootenai County Commissioner Dist. 3

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    Leslie Duncan

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    Roger Rowland

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    Brett Surplus

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What do you hope to accomplish if elected? (Please list up to three priorities.)

What experiences do you bring to effectively serve as a Kootenai County Commissioner?

What measures can Kootenai County Commissioners take to protect North Idaho College and Community Library Network?

Is there anything else you would like to tell the voters?

Campaign Email
Campaign Statement Listen, Serve, and Protect
Campaign Phone 208-274-3933
X known as Twitter @LeslieDuncan4KC
I will continue my work to bring civility back to local government. Listening, serving, and protecting constituents are crucial in that endeavor. Addressing the challenges of rapid growth and funding justice services are also my top priorities.
Being a County Commissioner for over 5 years, I bring leadership, budget experience, and knowledge of the challenges faced in this crucial office. I am currently the Chairman for the BOCC, Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board, and the Basin Environmental Improvement Project Commission. I am on the Idaho Counties Risk Management Program and Kootenai County Emergency Medical Services System Boards.
NIC and CLN are separate tax entities both governed by elected boards. The BOCC has no authority in either of those entities. I personally strive to develop relationships with other elected officials throughout the county and make myself available should another elected official request advice. My door is open and I welcome anyone who would like to speak with me.
I bring 5 years of proven experience in this position. There is no uncertainty for voters or citizens with my continuation of this vital role in our beloved community. I have made over 6,000 decisions in office and lead with integrity, faithfulness and boldness. I truly care about serving our community. I will continue to fight for our quality of life, provide the best county services for the lowest cost possible while listening, serving, and protecting the rights of citizens.
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Campaign Email
Campaign Statement Its time for Responsible Leadership
Campaign Phone 208-449-3252
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1)My mission would be to bring Mayors and city officials back to the table to create a comp plan so that we may all get on the same page and try to slow this growth. 2)Get our public safety to the level it needs to be by closing the gaps in coverage, and minimizing our financial losses that we have been continually doing annually. 3)Solve our community development problem with home inspectors and building permits. Its been a disservice to the taxpayer and they haven't been getting what they pay for.
I have a background in Law Enforcement, Banking and Real Estate. These are 3 key careers that a commissioner should have to serve the community. 2/3rds of our budget goes to public safety, having a good solid relationship with our law enforcement is vital. With the county's recent purchase of the KEC building, the proper due diligence wasn't performed to protect the tax payer. I perform correct real estate practices daily that would have protected the taxpayer during that transaction. I will bring these traits with me to serve and protect the people of this community
These both are their own taxing district and are not overseen by the BOCC
Im not a politician and I believe the taxpayers are tired of politicians. If you want to slow the growth then vote for me. If you wanna be able to call 911 and get a live person on the call then vote for me. If you wanna close the gaps in our law enforcement coverage then vote for me..If you want more growth, more crime, and more loss of our tax payer dollars then vote for the incumbent. Do you really want 4 more years of the mistakes, government overreach, lawsuits from elected officials, over paying for common sense mistakes? Be apart of the solution and vote for me. Vote Surplus to protect our Surplus