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Congress is divided into two institutions: the House of Representatives and the Senate.Members of the House serve a 2-year term. The two houses of Congress have equal but unique roles in the federal government. While they share legislative responsibilitiesto make laws, to serve as a representative assembly, and to oversee the administration of public policy, each house also has special constitutional duties and powers. The House possesses the sole authority to impeach federal officials and, in the case of indecisive Electoral College results, to elect a president.

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    Russ Fulcher

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    Brendan Gomez

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    Matt Loesby

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    Kaylee Peterson

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What experience has prepared you to represent Idaho in the U. S. House of Representatives?

What would you like to accomplish as a member of Congress?

What do you see as the most significant challenges Idaho and the U.S. face that you might be able to address in this position?

Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

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X known as Twitter @LoesbyForIdaho
My experience as a software engineer has prepared me to read through, analyze, and improve large bodies of code; legal code may be in a technical form of English rather than a programming language, but the principles are similar.

My experience in political action through the Libertarian Party has prepared me to deal with parliamentary rules and procedure in order to effectively navigate the bureaucratic tangles of Washington.
My goal is to stop the Federal government from continuing its habit of making everything worse, to allow normal people to rebuild their lives without the curse of government "help."
The most significant challenge that Idahoans face is the continued and worsening taxation, regulation, and market distortion imposed upon us by the bureaucracies of Washington, DC. I can slow down, halt, and possibly reverse those predations, and give ordinary people the breathing room they need to address the broad variety of problems in their own lives.
The government is an institution that uses violence to enforce the will of those controlling it. Anyone relying on it to solve problems gives it power over their lives, and it is nearly guaranteed that within a few years, someone will come into power and abuse it.

You have the ability to solve problems in your own life through your own action and through voluntary cooperation with your neighbors and your community. The more you do that, the less important the people in the government will be in your life. I can slow down the government as it tries to destroy you, but you must take up responsibility to improve your own life.
Campaign Phone 208-997-7919
X known as Twitter @kaylee4congress
My experience began as an advocate for diverse students in Idaho's foster and school system before becoming a campaign manager for a local State Representative's campaign at 18, where I learned the importance of both advocacy & grassroots organizing. My time as a working-class mom and foster parent gave me a perspective that will benefit Idaho families and led me to return to college at 30. In school, I became Chief of Staff for the student body government, president of national championship speech & debate team, and created a collaboration between students and the Idaho Office for Refugees Global Gardens program. I have dedicated my life to uniting communities around smart policy solutions and championing working-class families.
My first priority in Congress would be restoring the public's trust in government and healing the ever growing partisan divide by joining the bipartisan problem solvers caucus, banning Congressional stock trades, supporting term limits, and introducing comprehensive campaign finance reform. It's equally important for me to advocate for working-class people by fighting for massive tax reform that holds the top 1% accountable and takes the pressure off middle-class families & small business owners. At the federal level, we must protect reproductive rights, voting rights, and constitutional protections for every single American citizen regardless of their sex, race, or identity. For the environment, ensuring clean energy contracts for Idaho workers while fighting for water rights and fire mitigation techniques to prepare for worsening climate conditions is a necessity. I want to protect Social Security & Medicare, fund public education, and ensure affordable healthcare for every Idahoan.
The number one threat to the American people and our nation is the rise of divisive rhetoric, political aggression & violence, and fascist ideals which disregard our Constitution and system of checks & balances. Uniting people regardless of party around evidence-based policy while inspiring a sense of duty to our country's framework must be a priority for every member of Congress. The other challenges we face are the erosion of our middle-class and an economy that favors the 1%, healthcare that is both difficult to find and unaffordable, an outdated power grid that desperately needs our immediate investment into clean energy solutions, underfunded public education with a shortage of qualified teachers who are already woefully underpaid, a lack of affordable childcare options, a housing crisis, and a criminal justice system that currently has the highest rate of incarceration per capita in the world. These challenges are a daily reality for Idahoans trying to live the American dream.
I am a working-class mother of two, the daughter of a veteran, whose family has been farming in Idaho for six generation. I believe that with the right leadership, we could unite Idahoans from across the political spectrum around our shared values and common goals. I believe that Idahoans deserve an advocate in Washington, someone who respects and values the privilege of the position while working to advance legislation that truly addresses the issues threatening the safety and stability of our communities. Idahoans deserve better, so I'm asking you to believe in better.