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Ada County Commissioner District 1

County CommissionersThe Board of County Commissioners has legislative, executive and judicial responsibilities and duties. The commissioners have the power to pass ordinances, adopt budgets, fix tax levy rates and oversee the county budget. They also act as the Board of Equalization.County Commissioners live in districts, but are elected county wide.

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    Ryan Davidson

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    Clyde Dornier

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    Jonathan Lashley

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1. What are the most important challenges facing your county and how do you propose to address them?

2. What specific qualifications do you have to effectively address these challenges?

3. How will you continue to be engaged with your constituents?

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One of our biggest challenges is to prepare for growth, which affects nearly every service in Ada County. As the population increases, so does the need for county services. One example is the Ada County Jail, the population of which is consistently over capacity. Upon request of the Sheriff, we placed a bond on the ballot to allow citizens to weigh in on expanding the jail. The proposal received a strong majority, but did not pass. In order to respect the will of the voters, I did not support immediately placing it on the ballot again. Instead, we are using savings to start the remodel on a smaller scale. We will tackle a kitchen upgrade first, then continue to look for savings that we can apply to an expansion. We will not go into debt based on what the voters said. Growth also means expanding other services. We have added new DMV locations around the county with the goal of having one DMV in each city, to save citizens travel time and hassle.

More changes are coming!
I've served as an Ada County Commissioner for over three years now, and I have learned a lot in my time here. This office has such a wide array of duties and responsibilities that it can take someone over a year just to learn everything you're in charge of. The success I've had as a Commissioner makes me the right choice to continue in the job. I've also been a long-time worker in the Republican Party, including Ada County Chairman from 2018 - 2020. This work has given me a lot of contacts in the Idaho Legislature, which is valuable, because the County will often be engaged in the Legislative process when there are bills that are not in the interest of Ada County citizens, or, when the county wishes to introduce a bill in the Legislature. The current board wins a lot of praise from long-time county employees as the most productive and drama-free commission they've served under. I would encourage anyone to talk to county employees to find out what they really think about the county.
I am very approachable and I like to stay in touch with my constituents. As a member of the Ada County Republican Central Committee, I attend monthly meetings with all of the elected Precinct Committeemen, which allows me to share information with the grassroots of the party. I communicate through social media. I encourage people to attend County business meetings. As an elected official, I direct our staff to be open and transparent with the public. All of our public hearings and business meetings are streamed on YouTube. We release a monthly county newsletter. Our Public Information Officer is constantly updating the public through various social media and that's important to me.
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The people of Ada County face considerable challenges regarding food insecurity, housing affordability, healthcare access, and reliable infrastructure, which are fundamental to ensuring the dignity and well-being of our rapidly growing community. As a public education leader, I have regularly collaborated with experts and community members, particularly those most affected, to develop sustainable solutions on many issues of access and affordability. My proven approach balances what is most desirable in the long term with what is practical in the short term by utilizing digital technology to assist the public in educating upward, conducting comprehensive inventories of existing resources, and adopting open governance practices to ensure accountability. Engagement platforms, community outreach, and open data initiatives will be crucial in involving the community in decision-making processes, ensuring governance reflects the will and needs of everyone who calls Ada County home.
With two decades of experience in public education and higher education administration, I bring a wealth of knowledge in change management, coalition building, policy analysis, and collaborative leadership. My career has been marked by successfully leading institutional and statewide reform initiatives, where comprehensive reviews of programs, processes, and infrastructure were crucial for achieving sustainable outcomes. I have effectively managed professionals at various levels, built cross-functional teams around shared interests, and overseen multimillion-dollar budgets to ensure taxpayer money generates the most valuable services and programs possible. These experiences have honed my abilities in critical analysis, strategic planning, and inclusive leadership—skills I plan to utilize in tackling tough challenges alongside the people of Ada County.
I'm unwavering in my commitment to engaging constituents as an educator and public servant who wants to meet every person where they are. Drawing from my extensive background as an education professional, I recognize the enduring value of regularly showing up, listening, and learning so that I may faithfully advocate for the interests of those in need. I believe in the power of collaborative problem-solving and will seek the expertise of various stakeholders to inform policy and decision-making. Regular town halls, open forums, and digital engagement tools will help me ensure continuous, transparent communication with Ada County residents. Lastly, just as I do in the classroom, I will openly disseminate information and actively solicit feedback and ideas, ensuring that the voices of those in need are heard and valued at every stage of county governance.