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Idaho State Representative District 33A

Idaho House of Representatives members serve a 2-year term and are responsible for translating the public will into public policy for the state, levying taxes, appropriating public funds, and overseeing the administration of state agencies. These responsibilities are carried out through the legislative process — laws passed by elected representatives of the people, legislators.

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    Barbara Ehardt

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    Miranda Marquit

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1. What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

2. What experience has prepared you for this office?

3. What do you see as the most significant challenges Idaho faces that you might be able to address in this position?

4. Would you support legislation to remove criminal liability for physicians and pregnant women experiencing life threatening pregnancy complications and allow for medical and family decisions regarding continuation of that pregnancy. Please explain your response.

5. What else would you like to tell the voters?

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Instead of going after librarians and libraries, I want to address affordable housing and the cap on the homeowners property tax exemption. Rather than targeting members of vulnerable communities, I'd focus on investment in public education. Instead of making healthcare decisions on behalf of women and their providers, I want to talk about repealing the sales tax on groceries. I’m running because I want to work on sensible solutions to the challenges we face rather than wasting time making bad policy for nonexistent problems.
I have been Chair of the Bonneville County Democratic Party for several years. Additionally, I have served my community on various nonprofit boards and been appointed to mayoral committees and school district steering committees. As a result, I have an on-the-ground view of the issues that impact Idahoans in their day-to-day lives.

On top of that, my MBA, background in personal finance, and reporting on economic issues suit me to understand and manage budgets, which is a major part of being a part of the state legislature.
Repeatedly, Idahoans say that one of their top priorities is education, and I agree with them. I’d like to see us make substantial investments in attracting quality educators to our state. I also believe that we need to fund our educational infrastructure directly, instead of relying on property taxes, bonds and levies. An investment in public education has been shown to lead to healthier, safer communities.
Yes, I would support that legislation. A recent report indicated that our state is losing medical doctors who specialize in pregnancy and delivery and that’s a problem. Most Idahoans support expanding exceptions to our restrictive and damaging abortion law, and I agree with them that what’s happening now threatens our ability to support mothers, children, and families.
I’m running because I'm tired of our legislature focusing on culture war issues. Our so-called representatives waste time on focusing on re-defining words and passing legislation they know strips our rights away and will be challenged in court. We should be addressing education, affordable housing, and healthcare rather than attacking libraries and budgeting to fight lawsuits our legislators know they will lose when they pass these bad bills.