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Canyon County Commissioner District 3

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    Zach Brooks

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    Kyle Thompson

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    Richard D Williams

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1. What are the most important challenges facing your county and how do you propose to address them?

2. What specific qualifications do you have to effectively address these challenges?

3. How will you continue to be engaged with your constituents?

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We are witnessing a significant surge in population across the county, coupled with an infrastructure that struggles to adequately accommodate this growth. Furthermore, our county's jail system is experiencing severe overcapacity. It is imperative that we adopt a new strategic approach to county development, exercising deliberate oversight while prioritizing the allocation of funds to address the deficiencies in our County Jail. The current situation, wherein female inmates are housed in converted semi-trailers, is undeniably deplorable.
My professional background encompasses expertise in Information Technology (IT) and Leadership. Within the realm of IT, adept problem-solving and efficient resource allocation are imperative skills. My focus lies in assembling proficient teams to tackle challenges and charting a coherent, feasible course towards achieving desired outcomes.

In addition to my extensive business experience and leadership roles, I bring to the county a Master's Degree in Business Administration, further enhancing my qualifications.
I have consistently embraced an open-door policy throughout my career. I firmly uphold the principle that soliciting the input of constituents is integral to effective governance and initiative prioritization. Alongside maintaining accessibility via email, I readily provide my phone number for direct communication with constituents. Moreover, I actively participate in Democrat events and fundraisers, welcoming dialogue with attendees on various matters of concern.
1: Address >20% 2023 PROPERTY TAX INCREASE approved by my opponent. Other taxing agencies averaged a -5% decrease. Our state legislators gave millions of dollars back to the counties to reduce our property tax which hid the 20% increase. This was the #1 issue in 2023 and continues to be an issue. 2: Properly consider our AGRICULTURAL land. It is important in Canyon County to support our food providers - farmers, dairies, ranchers and all the associated businesses. 3: Mismanagement of the County personnel. In the last 3 years, 4 HR directors are no longer with Canyon County. There is an excellent article from the Press Tribune addressing the issues. Go to: "2025 trial date set for lawsuit" on April 19, 2024. 3a: The Commissioners have a COO doing what they were voted in to do. The COO costs the taxpayers, sets the budgets with the County elected officials and department. They paid extra for an attorney. Let's reduce taxes, do the job ourself, protect agriculture, & manage growth!
Managed a $600 million business unit for Apple, & worked for Intel and Micronpc. I have 30 years in corporations larger than Canyon County & understand how to control the $166 million budget. I have worked with VPs, HR directors, & departments heads in a cooperative environment. I did NOT try to eliminate these leaders or bypass them. I worked with other leaders, & so should our Commissioners. YOU voted for Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, County Clerk, Assessor, Coroner, & Treasurer. I WILL work with them! I will run the government like a business, not like an unlimited government. I will gather input from the community, from farmers, from developers, from experts, to make the best decisions for Canyon County citizens.
Commissioners should have regular engagements with citizens and stake holders to understand the needs, issues, & interests before deliberations occur and decisions must be made. I will offer forums for feedback from the community. There is also the ability to access information after public meetings.