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Idaho State House District 11 A

Idaho House of Representatives members serve a 2-year term and are responsible for translating the public will into public policy for the state, levying taxes, appropriating public funds, and overseeing the administration of state agencies. These responsibilities are carried out through the legislative process — laws passed by elected representatives of the people, legislators.

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1. What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

2. What experience has prepared you for this office?

3. What do you see as the most significant challenges Idaho faces that you might be able to address in this position?

4. Would you support legislation to remove criminal liability for physicians and pregnant women experiencing life threatening pregnancy complications and allow for medical and family decisions regarding continuation of that pregnancy. Please explain your response.

5. What else would you like to tell the voters?

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Campaign Phone 208-841-3850
I will work to find new funding sources for local government and local taxing districts through a reduction in state spending so that property taxes can be repealed.

I'd like to see sales tax removed from groceries.

We need to reform pubic education so that we get back to basics to prepare our children to be productive, knowledgeable adults. Education should not be involved with DEI, CRT, or alternative sex or lifestyles.

I'd like us to give all parents total choice in the education of their children, including having money allocated per student follow the student to their choice of private education.

We need to get state spending under control and eliminate programs and spending that does not fit the proper role of government.
I am a native of Caldwell (which comprises most of my district) so I know the people, the culture and the desires of the people I would serve.

My work experience includes small business ownership and operation, retail management and industrial training development... all of which provide me with a well-rounded background.

I have served previously as a member of the Caldwell City Council where I was a member of the Finance Committee that drafted the city budget. I also served on the Airport, Library and Airport Commissions.

I have served as a member of the Caldwell School District 132 Board of Trustees, so I have an excellent understanding of public education and its management.
Our budget is out of control. It has grown 54% in the last for years from $9 Billion to $13.8 Billion. The state depends on about 43% of its funding from a federal government that is nearly $35 Trillion in debt. This is simply unsustainable. We must find ways to cut spending.

Nearly 63% of our state is "owned" by the federal government and locked up from responsible logging, mining and other resource management. We need to get state control of our land to provide jobs which will provide income to fund our necessary state programs. Proper management of our resources will not only help our people and our state economically, but can curtail the excessive loss of our forests due to out-of-control fires that hit our state every year.
As far as I know, Idaho does not prosecute physicians or pregnant women experiencing life threatening complications due to pregnancy. Idaho does not allow "elective" abortion.
It is important to do your research before you vote so you know that the person you are voting for to represent you reflects your values and what you expect government to do or not do. Just because a candidate has an "R" next to their name does not mean that they are truly representative of conservative Republican values.

Beware of candidates who have their campaigns heavily financed by special interest groups, unions or big business. In all likelihood, once elected, those candidates will do the bidding of those organizations instead of representing you.

Please don't vote for a person just because you "like" them. Your future and the future of your family will be greatly impacted by the decisions they make in the Legislature.
Campaign Phone 2083692386
I hope to bring sane rational governance back to the State House. I believe too many of our state representatives are morally bankrupt, and don't represent the Idaho I love. When we continue to lead with ignorance, more doctors, educators, women, and others will continue to want to leave the state. Most legislators are hardly qualified for anything, let alone public office. Idaho is growing and we deserve better than the current majority in the capitol. We need transparency, a government for the people by the people. I haven't seen any town halls available in district 11 for voters to question their legislators and little to no public forms where everyone shows up. I hope to change that as your next representative.
Originally from MI, I have studied and worked in the political/community activism space for the last 10 years. Over the few years of working with the Idaho Democratic Party as Political Director, I have helped build up the organization statewide, gaining county members, candidates and registering more voters. The skills gained from working with campaigns in Idaho, and learning from our legislative team has given me a breadth of knowledge/ connections in how Idaho politics works. Through these efforts I have talked with thousands of voters in Canyon County in particular. Voters want someone who will listen, respect them and lead with integrity. Someone who will show up each day and actually make their lives better, not worse.
Majority of Idahoans believe the state is going in the wrong direction, I wonder why. We need a more balanced legislature that will get things done, not focusing on cannibalism for one. Major priorities for my campaign are education, farmland/growth, transparency, housing, wages, transportation and combating extremism. We have to manage our growth yet not build on the most arable land/overburden our water supply. Public transportation needs more funding, as the valley goes so will our need for increased funding. We need to work with COMPASS and voters to understand our transit needs and build them into vision. We need a balance and a transparent plan. I'm here to listen to my constituents, door knock, hold events and be available.
I don't think it is rational to continue to have legislation that targets our medical community in draconian ways. We need to change our current laws. Majority of Idahoans statewide support having abortion exceptions when it comes to the life of the mother for complicated pregnancies, rape and incest. These are extremely personal and complicated situations. Idaho is losing its economic advantage as we close hospitals, maternity wards, and have qualified medical professionals leave our state. While I respect people's individual freedom to believe as they do, it shouldn't come at the expense of someone else right. We shouldn't have to airlift patients to neighboring states nor ask a doctor to call their lawyer for common procedures.
I have NOT signed loyalty oaths to a party platform and I'm NOT bought and paid, compared to other politicians. I answer to voters like you and the law, not outside interest groups. I want voters to know I will focus on constituent services, and bring community members to the capitol to see the work being done. I will respond to your messages and meet with you compared to what you may get from our current representatives. We need to bring back trust in our government. We need more eligible voters registering to vote, more voters believing in the government and participating. We need more participation from our Latino community, our college students and our new voters. The focus is on you, the voter. Contact me on any questions you have.
Campaign Phone 208-989-4487
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1. Emphasis on community safety, including border issues that affect Idaho such as human and drug trafficking. 2. Real solutions to supporting and improving quality educational opportunities K-12 and beyond. I will also continue to champion school choice, however, it is not Constitutional, reasonable, nor conservative, to allow public tax dollars to pay for private education. I would consider a tax credit that matches the amount the parents currently pay in taxes for their local school by expanding the current 529 Education Savings Plan. 3. Effectively manage the demands on a growing population, which includes public safety, water issues, property rights/taxes/ground use, and the overall economy through wise, measured legislation.
In addition to being a lifelong Idahoan, my work experience (teacher/administrator, orthodontic assistant, Zilog technician), continued community involvement (currently Canyon County Branch Assistance League of Boise, Love INC facilitator, Caldwell Lions Club, Idaho Peace Officer Memorial Board, Thomas Jefferson Charter School Board member), being raised by God-fearing parents on the family farm and four years in the House of Representatives all contribute to a better understanding of how legislation must meet the needs of my District and our State. I have a long history of working collaboratively and taking a reasoned approach that considers intended and unintended consequences and aligns with the Idaho and US Constitutions.
Idaho’s unprecedented growth affects every aspect of life, however, the effect on education and our economy requires careful attention, not reactive policies. Adequately funding a “system of general, uniform, thorough, public, free common schools” is a Constitutional requirement; we are making steps towards this and will need to continue determining how to address the physical needs, but also how to continue improving the educational experience for all students. Infrastructure, both to accommodate new growth and to maintain what is currently in place, is another challenge that must be addressed. This includes issues related to water, agriculture, transportation, and community needs, such as fire protection and law enforcement.
While I was confident the legislation we passed allowed for physicians to meet the needs of women experiencing life threatening complications, the departure of doctors and closure of maternity services, including my community hospital, suggests our continued discussion concerning this law are warranted. Our legislation should reflect that all life is sacred, both the unborn and born, including pregnant women.
There is a pervasive use of either/or rhetoric, such as, you either support what the sponsor says the legislation is about or you oppose it. This is almost always false. Two examples: 1–I do not want obscene materials in the hands of children, but nor do I want private right of action lawsuits to put schools and public libraries in constant litigation that might well close the library and I truly believe that parents can be trusted to monitor and advise their children concerning reading material or cellphone use. 2-School boards can and do allow personnel to conceal carry firearms, so a vote against H415 was not a vote against the 2nd amendment or protecting children; it was vote for local control and common sense.