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Santa Fe County Commissioner District 4

Four-year term. Must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the district from which elected. The person in this office, together with other members of the County Commission is responsible for County government budget, County ordinances and resolutions, and zoning and business regulation in unincorporated areas, and sets policy for the operations of County government.Comisión del Condado--Mandato de cuatro años. Debe tener al menos 18 años de edad y ser residente del distrito en el que ha sido elegido. La persona que ocupa este cargo, junto con otros miembros de la Comisión del Condado, es responsable del presupuesto del gobierno del condado, de las ordenanzas y resoluciones del condado y de la zonificación y regulación de negocios en las áreas no incorporadas, y establece la política para las operaciones del gobierno del condado.

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    Stephen A Chiulli

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    Adam Fulton Johnson

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    Mika A Old

Biographical Information

1. How have your education and experience prepared you for this position?

2. What would be your priorities for the county?

3. What public health policies need attention in the county?

4. How would you propose to balance growth with water needs in an increasingly arid county?

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Occupation Automotive designer/restorer
I have over 40 years of business experience in the construction industry. I have a Masters in finance/business and am working to complete my PhD. I am a first responder to the World Trade Center in September, 2001. I taught math and business in Santa Fe High. My many years of experience provides me with a long, proven track record of leadership and getting things accomplished for my community.
My priorities are: affordable housing for our critical job holders, (educators, first responders, medical professionals, county workers); public safety by building a care facility in collaboration with the professionals to provide care for our mentally ill and addicted brothers and sisters; creating an emergency response plan for our county; implementing sound environmental policies to foster sustainable growth.
The county is in the middle of a crime crisis fueled by a drug and mental health epidemic. By building a care facility to treat, rehabilitate, provide health care, safe lodging, job training and placement we can find a way to humanely help these folks to become productive members of our community.
Water will always be a concern for our community. Environmentally sound approaches to building, water conservation/reclamation we can better serve our community. I have been building in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner for more than 40 years.
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Occupation Executive Director of local nonprofit
I grew up in Santa Fe and now raise my family here. Both my Masters (MIT) and PhD (Michigan) analyze New Mexico culture and history. I am currently director of a preservation nonprofit and lead programs in education, land use advocacy, and community service. My background in preservation makes me well versed in the responsibilities of local government and I will ensure our County continues to provide quality services. In addition to advocacy of affordable housing and short term rental limitations, I sit on the City’s land code update committee, ensuring we develop our area in a smart, sustainable, and culturally-sensitive way. I have proven leadership on legislative and quality of life issues, and I’m running to keep Santa Fe special.
First, water sustainability through surface water acquisition at the County level and residential incentives like free rain barrels and gray water system credits. Second, fire and hazard mitigation and preparedness, including neighborhood plans supported by County staff. Third, a renewable energy economy, including bilingual training to access Inflation Reduction Act dollars. Fourth, affordable and water-friendly housing built along existing or planned infrastructure (not on wells), paired with sustainability incentives and “green” architectural design standards. Finally, cultural and natural heritage preservation through the protection of historic communities and long-standing traditions, sacred open spaces, and regional trail systems.
Policies that affect where we live, work, play, and find meaning will best address the County’s public health issues: mental and behavioral health support, access to healthcare services, and the climate crisis. Access to adequate and safe housing is key to good health. For our low-income and housing insecure residents, prioritizing investments in affordable housing development and permanent supportive housing will improve overall well-being and mental health. Expansion and improvement of links between neighborhoods, bike paths, hiking trails, and public open spaces have health and climate benefits. We also must enhance the services and infrastructure that connect rural residents to healthcare and support county residents as they age.
We need to identify surface water resources, which (unlike wells) are renewable, and base our 50-year projected carrying capacity on these renewable resources. First, we need strong, diplomatic leadership to continue the City-County partnership on Buckman Direct Diversion, which delivers surface water to Santa Fe. Second, we need to expand our water infrastructure to deliver surface water to more homes, decreasing our reliance on groundwater, which is much more of an unknown. Third, we must bolster climate-smart agriculture and support our agricultural community in transitioning away from water-intensive farming. Finally, we need to incentivize residential sustainability through rebates on efficient appliances and free smart water meters.
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Campaign Phone (505) 470-6511
Occupation Business owner/Marketing and Sales Director
My educational background and experiences are unique and diverse. My business degrees, position to me well to understand the real-world economic impacts of policy decisions, and advocate for policies that promote sustainable growth and improve the overall wellbeing of the community. My education and experience in emergency medical services give me personal insight into the unique struggles and importance of a wide range of public health issues including emergency services, alternative response services, and emergency response planning. I have a personal and professional background related to scientific forestry, which includes experience with three catastrophic forest fires. All of these things have culminated in a strong ability to address the unique and important needs of Santa Fe County.
My priorities for the county are to ensure the preservation of our unique city and the ability for future generations to not only want to be here but to have the ability to have a good quality of life through affordable housing and economic opportunity.

For that to be possible, we must address affordable housing, water issues, economic development focusing on small businesses, fire risk mitigation, land use, road infrastructure, and county-wide access to broadband services. However, these are just a few of the issues that Santa Fe County deals with. As Commissioner, I will be deeply committed to digging deep and addressing issues that may be often overlooked.
I believe that some of the most important health policies that need attention in the County are drug and alcohol abuse policies and mental health. I would like to see more alternative response teams trained and put in place to help assist with this issue and increase the quality of patient care. I would also like to see Support expansion of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment in primary care and hospital settings as well as added resources and training provided to emergency service providers.
With the inevitability of population growth, it is imperative that we pay close attention to water. Per capita consumption of water can be addressed through conservation measures in all three major sectors of water use: urban, agricultural, and industrial. Particularly in the urban sector of SF County, this can be done by Adopting water-saving practices in commerce, such as providing water on request only in restaurants & encouraging multiday use of towels and linens in hotels. Incentives for individuals to establish water-saving measures at home such as rain gardens, water-efficient appliances, and water recycling would also be effective. Additionally, I would propose to require mandatory rain collection methods to all new construction.