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Santa Fe County Commissioner District 2

Four-year term. Must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the district from which elected. The person in this office, together with other members of the County Commission is responsible for County government budget, County ordinances and resolutions, and zoning and business regulation in unincorporated areas, and sets policy for the operations of County government.Comisión del Condado--Mandato de cuatro años. Debe tener al menos 18 años de edad y ser residente del distrito en el que ha sido elegido. La persona que ocupa este cargo, junto con otros miembros de la Comisión del Condado, es responsable del presupuesto del gobierno del condado, de las ordenanzas y resoluciones del condado y de la zonificación y regulación de negocios en las áreas no incorporadas, y establece la política para las operaciones del gobierno del condado.

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    Lisa Cacari-Stone

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    Scott Fuqua

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    Benito Martinez Jr

Biographical Information

1. How have your education and experience prepared you for this position?

2. What would be your priorities for the county?

3. What public health policies need attention in the county?

4. How would you propose to balance growth with water needs in an increasingly arid county?

Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 28154
Santa Fe, NM 87507
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone 5056904404
Occupation Community Public Health Leader, Policy Researcher, Educator
I bring to the role of Commissioner, 35 years of public service dedicated to improving the lives of all New Mexicans. My leadership work in government, public education, social service organizations and foundations has sharpened the skills that are needed for the job including: fiscal and grants management, strategic planning, civic engagement, and policy development. I attained a PhD from Brandeis University in social policy, completed my post doctorate at the Harvard School of Public Health and served as a policy analyst for the NM State Legislature and Congressional Fellow with Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy. My long-term roots in Santa Fe and commitment to community advocacy qualify me to be The People’s Choice, The People’s Voice.
My grandparents came from Mexico to work on the railroad, living in boxcars with no water or heat. My dad, a 48 year union member retired from John Deere and my mom waited tables. I cleaned office buildings to pay for college. I am running for all of us, who, like my family work tirelessly to make our world a better place. I will advocate for infrastructure investments including clean and safe water, parks and roads. I pledge to protect the environment and natural resources and foster partnerships to conserve our lands and waters. I will unify our city and county forces to find regional solutions to the rising costs of homes, high rents and homelessness. I will champion increased access to mental health and substance abuse services.
The county plays a critical role in promoting and protecting the safety and health of people and the communities in which we live, learn, work and play. The COVID-19 pandemic grabbed our attention to the stark reality that the job of saving lives falls on local health programs. As a public health policy leader, I would prioritize the county's preparedness to respond to emergencies like pandemics, natural disasters such as the devastating impacts of fires and threats to water related hazards and contamination. Our emergency responders, health workers, fire fighters, law enforcement and mobile command units need to be adequately resourced and trained. Our residents need to be informed, engaged and prepared to defend ourselves from harm.
I propose that our county and city governments increase cooperation in finding solutions regarding safe water supplies, land development, and tight public finances. On-going engagement with federal and state agencies, non-profits, faith based organizations, educational institutions, local business community and neighborhood groups and village water protectors is key to inclusive action. I endorse a co-leadership approach in governance and prioritizing the needs of our residents. I support short and long-term actions such as implementing comprehensive water conservation programs that promote water-saving technologies, investing in water reuse and recycling infrastructure and ensuring equitable allocation and management of water rights.
I've been an attorney for over 20 years, including 8 years in government service at the Attorney General's Office. In that role, I've dealt with policy and legal issues surrounding both the general and more specific operation of government. As a long time resident of Santa Fe, I am familiar with the strengths of our community and many of the issues that require attention. I am ready to serve in a way that responds to the concerns of the community and leaves no questions about what the County is doing and why.
My number one priority is the preservation and enhancement of our water and land resources. As our community continues to add residents, it is becoming more and more important that we grow in a sustainable and responsible way. As a commissioner, I intend to take a very hard look at what the County can do to increase our water portfolio, including expanding our water recycling capabilities. I am also interested in finding creative ways that the County can help residents make use of solar and other renewable energies.
I consider adequate access to housing and nutrition to be among the most important public health issues faced by any governmental entity, including the County.
I believe the County needs to take a close look at ways to expand our water recycling capability, including consideration of a facility capable of treating effluent to become potable water. There are also things the County can do and does to encourage responsible water usage. It is crucial that we ensure new development is undertaken with water conservation at the forefront of any project.
Campaign Mailing Address 1194 Hansen Ln
Santa Fe, NM 87507-9442
Campaign Phone 505-670-8898
Occupation Retired
In addition to a dedicated and energetic style of public service, I bring a diverse and enhanced back-round to The constituency of Santa Fe County and New Mexico. I have a proven track record of very important achievements that have had direct and solid effects on a multitude of levels that have benefitted the public. Having been Appointed County Assessor (County Commission 2 Years) Elected Assessor 2 Terms, served as President of the NM Association of Counties and President of the Assessors Association, Director of the Manufactured Housing Division of the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department-and Oil and Minerals Analyst at the State Land Office. These attributes uniquely qualify me to lead at the County Commission Level.
Protection of Property Rights and Open Door Policy, Local Government Respecting Community, Adequate Response time towards public in every aspect of County Government including Building Permits, Protection of Water Resources and General Respect by County Government towards the public. Effective collaboration with all Governmental Entities for the benefit of the taxpayer. Making oneself available is paramount and I commit and Guarantee my accessibility to all. This is a major priority.
Reinforce and address accessible affordable homeownership opportunities for young and new potential homeowners. This also includes protection of the aging and disabled Seniors and Veterans especially Disabled Veterans. Creating and reinforcing good communication with Municipal, State, Native American Nations and Federal Governments. Actively maintain a presence in and during the Legislative process in order to benefit the public. Preservation of Water Resources and assisting Community Water Systems in Traditional Communities. Being accessible to all and once again, an open door policy.
Encourage and Assist in Water Conservation, Water Harvesting within and on every property in the County including Rural County Locations Residential and NonResidential Property. Provide Educational Opportunities in Order to Achieve Positive Results in conversation. Provide Educational Opportunities to the Public for Conservation Of this resource. When I was Assessor in my first term in the late 90’s, my administration released the first ever satellite office ever, eliminating the public having to travel to Santa Fe in order to conduct County business. These constituents reside in rural locations. One of my goals is to create an easier and painless path for County Residents.