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Sandoval County Commissioner District 4

Member of a five-person commission that is responsible for the county government budget, county ordinances and resolutions, and zoning and business regulation in unincorporated areas, and sets policy for the operations of county government. Elected for a four-year term with no more than two terms in succession.Note: The district map we have available for this race is inexact. You may wish to view your sample ballot at to verify whether or not this race will be on your ballot.

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    Jordan Conner Juarez

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    Madigan Diana Ray

Biographical Information

What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

What is your top priority, and how do you plan to address it?

What more can the County government do to improve public safety?

Should County government do more to address water availability and quality? If so, what would you support?

Should the County play a more significant role in planning for, communicating about, and responding to natural disasters? Why or why not?

What role should Sandoval County play to address behavioral health issues?

Should Sandoval County government be more involved in bringing affordable housing to the county? Why or why not?

Campaign Phone 505-362-7457
Campaign Email
Twitter @JJuarez4NM
Occupation Operations Manager
I'm a native New Mexican with and New Mexico graduate with a degree in Political Science and experience as an operations manager for an Avionics company. My qualifications aide in the understanding of community needs and county challenges. I have a special connection with my community. My skills and expertise align well with the requirements for serving in this office and being a voice for my fellow residents in Sandoval County.
I am committed to improving our infrastructure and roads for the safety and prosperity of families. By working closely with local authorities and community leaders, we'll prioritize projects and put safety measures in place during construction. I will explore funding options to ensure timely completion and keep county taxes low for residents. My goal is a thriving community with modern infrastructure that meets our families needs throughout the community.
I seek to improve public safety in the county, we need to support our first responders with better equipment, resources, and training. We must also address the fentanyl and DWI epidemic harming families in our community by allocating more resources towards task forces that will address this ongoing crisis. I will take action and make a positive difference by introducing the necessary measures to keep our residents safe as well as our first responders.
Addressing the water availability and quality issue, the County government should offer better access to clean water for rural and Native American communities. I want this to be achieved by building new water treatment plants or upgrading existing ones, drilling new wells, and installing water treatment systems. Proactive conservation methods such as water harvesting, rainwater collection, and greywater reuse can be implemented to conserve water. We must protect our most precious resource.
Rural communities have a potential for wildfires, making it critical for the County to play a more significant role in planning, communicating, and responding to natural disasters. By taking a proactive approach to disaster management, we can protect our residents and ensure they have the necessary resources during emergencies. Effective communication can help residents prepare and respond to crises, making it essential for the County to assume a prominent role in disaster planning and response.
I want to continue to offer county programs in partnership with UNM SRMC to support incarcerated individuals with behavioral health and substance abuse issues, as well as transitional programs after their sentence has ended. It's essential to continue these efforts and work with the state in a post-COVID era to address behavioral health issues. Also, supporting partnerships and programs within the county that can significantly impact the health of residents and work to bring peace of mind.
I want Sandoval County to work towards providing affordable housing for our working class. Although the Land Use Comprehensive Plan has been amended to help, additional steps are necessary, such as collaborating with the state to utilize the Affordable Housing Act to improve infrastructure for roads and waste water systems along with proper land usage. Allowing smaller homes and multiple dwellings per lot that can help during these difficult economic times.
Campaign Mailing Address Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Campaign Phone (505)480-8699
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Occupation Payroll
I bring an outside, working class perspective to local government. My career has been everything from food service and retail to accounting and payroll. In every job I’ve held, I’ve improved efficiency and been commended for my attention to detail and fresh ideas.
My top priority is housing. New Mexico is in the top 10 states in the country for single-family homes owned by corporations. I want homes to be owned by people who want to live in them. Or, if they are going to be purchased for the purpose of renting, I want to know that those landlords are members of our community and that the rental profits are strengthening our state, not going to some out-of-state hedge fund or foreign corporation.
The county government can devote more funding to the causes of crime, such as homelessness, drug addiction, and mental illness. We also need to take measures to improve public trust in law enforcement. Citizens who don’t trust the police won’t call them, crimes will remain unaddressed, and criminals will be enabled. We need better training, more accountability, and to ensure good cops are well paid and bad cops are removed from service.
We need to have regulations in place to ensure water quality for our citizens and availability for generations to come. We cannot make the same mistake Valencia County has in allowing a bottled water company to take millions of gallons of water for profit. Rio Rancho has a very impressive water conservation and reclamation system that I would like to see rolled out in other cities and throughout the state.
I believe disaster relief is one of the most important services taxpayers should expect to receive from their government. Citizens should know exactly what to do, where to go, and who to contact in the event of a disaster. They need to be able to trust that their government will handle disasters calmly and efficiently.
We should increase funding for facilities that assist folks experiencing a mental health or addiction crisis, especially for those who are unhoused, uninsured, or otherwise lack the resources to get healthcare. Our VA healthcare facilities need expanding to assist our veterans in crisis. All emergency response teams need to be trained in non-violent, de-escalation techniques and accompanied by a mental health professional for any mental health-related calls.
Yes, absolutely. We need renter protections. We need to address corporate and foreign investor ownership of single-family homes. We need to look at limits and regulations on homes used for short-term vacation rentals. We need higher-density housing and mixed-use neighborhoods. Younger generations need to be able to buy homes if we want them to stay here, raise families, and be engaged members of our community.