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San Miguel County Commissioner District 5

Together with other members of the County Commission, represents the County and its interests in all case not otherwise provided for by law. Appoints elections officials to fill vacancies. The Commission is responsible for the County budget, County ordinances and resolutions, and zoning and business regulation in unincorporated areas, and sets policy for the operations of County government. Must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of district from which elected. Four-year term, no more than two terms in succession.Note: The district map we have available for this race is inexact. You may wish to view your sample ballot at to verify whether or not this race will be on your ballot.

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    Kenneth C Medina

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    Jaylene Marie Quiles

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1. How have your experience and education prepared you for this office?

2. What are the biggest challenges facing the county?

3. How would you address them?

4. What should the county do to support economic development?

5. How would you propose to balance growth with water scarcity in an increasingly arid state?

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Campaign Mailing Address 9132 nd St
Las Vegas, NM 87701
Campaign Phone 505-321-5709
Knowledge is empowerment and something no one can take away from any of us. The knowledge that I have obtained through the federal government, corporate experience, and grass root education from our people of NM is the most experienced one can be for the role & position I am honorably seeking in San Miguel County. I have agriculture experience and knowledge to protect our lands and our constituents who maintain our lands, culture, and heritage. Our marginalized communities are being ignored when most of the capital outlay taxes stem from their taxes being paid to our governments administration. Yet, the citizens have no say so and This is why Public Corruption in NM is high. We need More education on stopping public corruption
Speaking to other constituents and businesses, the problems we are facing are nepotism, biasness, judicial misconduct, misappropriation of funding, and public corruption with retaliation towards citizens and their properties . I personally have experienced officals not adhering to the code of Ethics the County has in place for our commisioners. There is no enforcement to hold the elected officals accountable but enough enforcement to hold citizens accountable for taking food for their families? There is too much public corruption and the law enforcement is falsifying reports in our town, this coming from legal experts of New Mexico. There's too much public corruption and there needs to be more prevention in stopping public corruption.
With the help of our community's participation. How does that happen? We reach out more to community members and less to officials acquaintances. The community is about everyone's family, not just the elected officals. The community deserves to be safe and to be thriving daily! It's such a disgrace that our elected officals are making more money in their salaries than our own constituents out in NM who are paying for their salaries and Everything in the government . The constituents are bwing treated inhumane while our officials are being celebrated like Hollywood.. and that is not OK. The elected officals need to protect the citizens and their properties always.
Put their constituents first. There is too much money being wasted on unnecessary expenses and expenditures, when the tax money should be invested back into the community and the preservation of the community's history, heritage, and our futures future. There is too much public funds being wasted and too many officials are causing oppression with the misuse of funds, where they aren't allowing constituents to be empowered. This is a genocide and the officials need to be investigated for placing our community in harms way. Many constituents lost homes in fires and the officials do not care of they are homeless; yet our beautiful people are barely surviving ? We need our people to be protected always.
Witnessing the ways the government spends taxes is atrocious. Many of the marginalized communities are being targeted for inflation when we have billionaires paying no taxes?? This unfair treatment is perpetuated violence on our community and the officials need to stop misusing funds and allow the community to make decisions for their families and themselves. Power to the people. The officials cannot relate to the constituents. The current administration is outdated and they represent Lateral violence. Our people deserve to be protected from lateral and horizontal violence and oppression.