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Los Alamos County Clerk

The Los Alamos County Clerk's office handles voter registration and runs elections. It is also responsible for recording and filing public documents, issuing marriage licenses, maintaining official documents for the County Council such as Ordinances, Resolutions, and Council Minutes and serves as Clerk to the Probate Court. The County Clerk serves a four-year term.

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    Michael D Redondo

Biographical Information

What do you consider to be the greatest challenges for the Office of the County Clerk?

How do your abilities, experience, and education prepare you for this office?

How can we reassure voters that their vote is secure, is private, and will be counted?

What can the County Clerk's office do to enhance voter interest and participation in the voting process?

Campaign Mailing Address 390 Manhattan Loop
Los Alamos, NM 87544
Campaign Phone 505-620-0707
Of the many challenges facing the Office of the County Clerk, I plan to focus on confirming that our elections are being conducted in a way that is free, fair, and transparent. I have also noticed that there has been high turnover in staff at the Clerk’s office; I propose to find ways to improve staff retention so that we do not lose the experience and institutional knowledge required to serve the community at the highest level.
I served as the Los Alamos County Probate Judge for four and a half years. The County Clerk serves as the Clerk of the Probate Court, and as a result the Probate Court is co-located in the Clerk’s office. I have worked closely with the clerk and the staff in the Clerk’s office. Furthermore, I have worked as a poll worker so I understand the support election election workers require to effectively conduct elections.
The best way to reassure voters that their vote is secure, private, and counted is to have as many of them as possible participate in the process. This means not just voting, but serving as poll workers, election watchers, witnessing the certification of voting machines, or serving on the canvass board. There is no better way to gain confidence in the process than to work alongside the dedicated people who ensure that our elections are free and fair.
The best thing that the Clerk’s office can do to enhance voter interest and participation is to make it as easy and convenient as possible to vote.