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Dona Ana County Clerk

The Office of the County Clerk keeps records such as resolutions, ordinances, deeds and marriage licenses. The office issues several types of permits and licenses, such as permits for parties, licenses for liquor establishments, etc. The Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office receives nominations and petitions related to elections. In addition, the office supervises and prepares ballots and voting machines and trains poll workers. The clerk's office also supports the Office of the Probate Judge in handling informal proceedings.

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    Amanda Lopez Askin

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    Andrew J Ostic

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    Cheryl De Young

Biographical Information

1. What skills, education and prior experiences qualify you for this office?

2. If elected, what are your highest priorities?

3. What steps would you take to enhance voter interest and participation in the voting process?

4. What measures would you employ to improve voting access and election security?

Campaign Mailing Address 5248 Singer Rd
Las Cruces, NM 88007
Campaign Phone 575-649-9442
Campaign Email
Twitter @letstalkamanda
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Occupation County Clerk
My background includes a diverse background in corporate and governmental organizations. I am a 3x NMSU Aggie, with a PhD in a leadership focused program. While obtaining my Ph.D. I was appointed to serve on the Board of Regents at New Mexico State University where I supported the management of a 600 million dollar organization, one of our community’s most important resources. Prior to serving as clerk, my professional experience encompassed working for a for-profit hospital, where I then chose to work for state government in school behavioral health advocacy, training, and promotion of best practices in behavioral health. I have served as Clerk for more than 5 years and am proud of our numerous accomplishments that benefit our community.
Utilizing the 3 milllon dollars I lobbied for to complete a brand new election warehouse, continue to implement best practices of election administration, support the growth and satisfaction of the exceptional staff that in our office, continue to offer excellent customer service, use contructive feedback to improve our procedures and processes, offer opportunities for community education and training on elections, support our real estate and business community in the services we provide them, maintain our robust staffing levels, continue to work with other organizations to promote voter education and participation, and advocate for Doña Ana County's perspective to be heard in Santa Fe, with stakeholders, and decisionmakers.
Advocacy on a state and federal level for specific funding to offer our communities voter education is something I believe would be helpful in voter interest and participation. Funding would assist in voter education/engagement, but also should happen year-round. Voter engagement requires a multi-pronged approach that requires not only the County Clerk’s Office, but also community, indigenous, regional, state, and federal stakeholders. Educate and engage students at younger ages would be helpful in institutionalizing participation and civic engagement. Communicating to parents, grandparents, and trusted adults that are in young people's’ lives about voting and and the importance of participation. Combat misinformation at any opportunity.
NM already implements best practices in voting access and election security, as evidenced by our recent ranking as #1 in MIT's Election Performance Index. Best practices include: paper ballots, paper ballots enable us to recount a single race or an entire election if necessary. Community education about comprehensive security measures we have implemented. For example, our tabulators are prevented by law from being joined to a computer network or the Internet. There are those that promote the opposite so correcting mis or malinformation is vital. Advocacy for additional funding and promotion that we can have both, great access for voters and also a secure system that every New Mexicans can believe in.

Campaign Mailing Address 1435 Wyoming Ave
Las Cruces, NM 88001
Campaign Phone 575-650-4556
Campaign Email
Occupation Manager at Telstar
My earned NMSU Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology has prepared me to work within diverse groups in attaining positive and mutually outcomes that serve the community. I have demonstrated through 18 years of service in the Doña Ana County Clerk’s office my ability to develop productive relationships with the County Commissioners, appointed party election officials, candidates, nonpartisan political organizations, co-workers, and the general public. My knowledge of Recording and Filing of public documents, and my certification by the NM Association of Counties as a Public Official.
My highest priorities will be to develop a competent team that provides sincere and transparent public service. It is my belief that staff will become skillful to assist the office in identifying and prioritizing common office goals and expectations that will promote critical thinking.
I will prioritize clearly communicating job assignments, standards, and assist by developing and providing training opportunities for the Clerk’s staff to better serve the interest of the public, comply with established County policy and procedures, and State mandated election code requirements, to more effectively meet expectations minimizing crisis management.
Organize and participate in community forums with partisan and non-partisan political groups to develop strategies to facilitate voter access. Ensure election ballots are at a location where results may be reported in a timely manner.
Campaign Phone 575-496-7879
Campaign Email
Occupation Case Manager, Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission
I have worked the elections for decades; registered voters; proven experience in proper document storage, filing and retrieval; develop and administer budgets; hire, train and supervise staff; public speaking; computer skills; writing skills; community outreach;
Transparency is a must by having an open door policy. Trust is engendered through transparency. Integrity must be maintained. Accountability is the final piece.
I would be out in the community at events where I can engage the citizens. Listen to those who bring their concerns and work to solve problems. Be where the people are so that I am accessible to the citizens of Dona Ana County
I would make sure that training a priority. I would engage the poll workers during training and make sure that they are confident in their job as poll workers. Transparency would be a priority. I would make sure that each polling convenience center was safe, accessible and that each voters felt that their vote mattered and was secure.