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Chaves County Clerk

The County Clerk is the chief election officer responsible for administration of elections for the county. The Clerk serves as ex officio to the Board of County Commissioners and maintains the minutes from proceedings and all related material. The Clerk’s Office is the repository for public documents including real estate records, marriage records, occupation licenses and informal probate. Four-year term.

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    Cindy Fuller

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1. What are your qualifications for this position?

2. What are the biggest challenges in the county clerk’s office?

3. How would you address them?

4. What steps would you take to increase voter turnout in the county?

5. Do you support sending every voter an absentee ballot application for all elections?

Campaign Mailing Address 6687 Lincoln Ave.
Dexter, New 88230
Campaign Phone (575) 626-6919
Occupation Chaves County Clerk
I joined the Chaves County clerk's office in 2014 as the Bureau of Elections Chief. In 2018 I was promoted to Chief Deputy. In 2020 I was elected to the office of Chaves County Clerk. I have been actively working in this office for almost 10 years. I have been in charge of local and state elections, the office budget and handling of monthly expenses, hiring of employees, office management, and much more!!
Some of the biggest challenges in the county clerk's office include: Election administration, legal compliance, technology integration, public access and transparency, emergency preparedness, records management, and community engagement. Managing elections involves numerous tasks. Ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the election process is a huge responsibility and not something I take lightly. Various state and federal laws are continually changing. Staying up-to-date with all laws, statutes, and rules ensures our office is run properly. Managing and preserving a vast amount of records requires efficient organization. Digitizing records can be costly and time-consuming.
Staying up to date with challenges in the county clerk's office involves a combination of proactive measures and ongoing engagement with relevant resources. Being in the office daily is important as well as staying up to date with legislative changes. I am proactive in reaching out to the legislative body to help them understand the electoral process and what we do in the clerk's office before they vote to pass legislation that will affect us. I have a long-term plan in place for digitizing records to make them more accessible to the public. This has helped defer costs and hasn't put a huge workload on the staff. Continued learning is also always important - you never know it all.
In crunching numbers after an election, I have found that our young people are not participating in the electoral process. I have reached out to schools in Chaves County and employ young people to work the elections. They can see the process in action and hopefully get a better understanding of how it works. My office has done several school elections for elementary schools and even a Prom election for a local high school. Getting the students familiar with the voting machines and letting them see the process will hopefully pique their interest to be involved. Our office mails an election brochure to voters who register or make a change to their voter registration. These brochures provide the dates, times, and locations for voting.
I don't have an issue with sending APPLICATIONS but I do NOT support mailing ballots to every voter. The United States Postal Service processed 33.2 million address changes in 2022. In-person voting is the best option for those that can do so. Absentee voting is available for those who can not physically make it to a polling location. Protecting the integrity of the ballot is crucial to ensure fair and secure elections.