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Bernalillo County Commissioner District 3

Member of a five-person commission that is responsible for the county government budget, county ordinances and resolutions, and zoning and business regulation in unincorporated areas, and sets policy for the operations of county government. Elected for a four-year term with no more than two terms in succession.

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    Adriann Barboa

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    Laura Nasaria Chavez

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    Rene Coronado

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    Robert L Padilla

Biographical Information

What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

What is your top priority, and how do you plan to address it?

What more can the County government do to improve public safety?

Should County government do more to address water availability and quality? If so, what would you support?

Should Bernalillo County increase coordination with the City of Albuquerque to address housing issues?

What more, if anything, should be done to improve coordination of behavioral health services in the county?

How can Bernalillo County improve the quality of life for its residents?

Campaign Mailing Address 1517 Cornell Dr SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Campaign Phone 505-379-1962
Campaign Email
Twitter @barboa4bernco
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Occupation County Commissioner and Non Profit Policy Director
As a lifelong resident of District 3, I have been at the forefront of championing the health, safety, and prosperity of our community. Raised in a union home and shaped by my experiences as a single mother, I know the challenges our community faces and I have the proven leadership to drive meaningful change. I have led the wins for our state to have access to abortion care despite the Dobbs decision, as a Commissioner I have already made institutional change in our Behavioral Health services
Public health and safety are my number one priority, Since taking office in 2021 I have been working hard to create a coordinated system of care that meets the needs of our community, increases access to resources, and appropriately shifts the work of behavioral and mental health away from law enforcement and into services, as well as out of our streets. I am endorsed by firefighters IAFF and Sheriff Allen because of the work to find real time solutions to meet the needs of our neighborhoods
Bernalillo County is home to the bulk of resources for behavioral health and substance use services, that is OUR ROLE in the public safety puzzle . I have passed a budget with a new Deputy County Manager of Behavioral health, Spearheaded the overhaul of the Behavioral Health system, increasing accessibility and reducing stigma. Ensured Opioid Settlement Funding is distributed effectively. Increased funding for first responders, focusing on mental health and community safety measures, and more.
Water is life and our most precious resource. I live adjacent to the KAFB and have been actively engaged in supporting water monitoring wells and clean up accountability. I am honored to serve on the Water Utility Authority (WUA) ensuring that our plans for water conservation and clean water are in place to benefit us now and for next generations.
Coordinated behavioral health and supportive housing needs across our governments has been my focus. I have supported two affordable housing senior apartments in D3. Appropriated funding for the Veterans Integration Center, and the Housing Navigation Center at the Gateway, both in construction right now. I restructured the Tiny Home Village admittance process and I started the County's first wellness hotel in 2021 and now we have expanded services to year round.
Establishing an "eco" system of care that is coordinated, has multiple entry points and uses evidence based practices in our delivery of care is the work I have been doing and will continue to focus on. I just introduced an Ordinance that will re-organize our county services to address our public safety needs. I serve on the Homeless Coordinating Council where I am planning a Dual Diagnosis Summit and sponsored the, statewide resource for fentanyl awareness and resources.
When we address the needs of those most impacted then we all do better. Through the voter passed Behavioral health tax, the county continues to have the most resources in the state for behavioral health, we must be good stewards of that money to ensure that we are progressively moving toward improving the quality of life, not just status quo services that mill people through. In 9 years BH tax, county has not leveraged the 3/1 federal dollars match, I pushed and now in the application process
Campaign Phone 505-228-0188
I have an engineering (problem solving) background and worked in government offices over many years. So I can look at an issue within the community I represent and find the best possible solution for all and then work on the best way to get it done. I also speak Spanish.

Housing is my priority and one that my community holds as well. Public safety I believe is related to having housing. I chose this position so that I can move the housing issue forward in City Council. I will work along with city advocates to find those solutions and then work to fund them.
I think it has to hire more Police Officers, update and then strengthen their training. Equally, the legal branches need to be supported by fully filling positions and this includes the courts. So the Albuquerque PD, State Police and other Federal agencies can work on completing the case backlog and programs (MMI cases) helping families by producing faster results for everyone.

Water should be available to all and it should be clean water. I think the government is moving in this direction (PFAS allowable limits) but more needs to be done.

Yes, Bernalillo County needs to work with the City of Albuquerque to do more on the housing issue. There is no good coordination between the County and the City.

Bernalillo County for and the City of Albuquerque have done very little to provide Behavioral Health services in terms of access points and the coordination of all the related services.

I think all the above need to be worked on as well as jobs for the residents to feel an improved quality of life. Also, the continued removal of Fentanyl access points to people of New Mexico. Having enough Police Officers and related agencies will help do this. This is only part of what is needed in my community
Campaign Phone 505-385-9242
Campaign Email
Occupation Owner/operator of Pollito Con Papas Restaurant
I successfully solve problems so I may serve people. Albuquerque has been home since I separated from the US Air Force in1990. My wife and I have been self-employed in Albuquerque for over 25 years. We own and operate Pollito Con Papas just outside the Gibson Gate. Every day, I live and work in the “retail space,” interacting with people and facing the daily challenges of owning a business. That practical experience has prepared me to serve as a County Commissioner.
Addressing the issues that keep us from living in a safe, inviting community is my top priority. Enabling law enforcement to enforce our laws consistently; providing for basic infrastructure in District 3 and digging into the root causes of homelessness, vagrancy, and drug addiction to find real solutions will be my focus. We can no longer afford “feel good” actions. Bernalillo County resources must be directed to support actions that make our lives better.
Increasing the budget going to BSCO to make salaries attractive and competitive is the easy first step. Setting high expectations for our community and talking about those expectations regularly will be the long-term work. To build a safe, inviting community, I expect us to do the little things and the hard things: respect driving laws, law enforcement, and property - private and government. Take care of our families. Go to school. This is our community.
In recent years, household consumption of water has dropped. I believe District 3 values water and conscientiously conserves it. Government, especially the City of Albuquerque, must be more frugal in its water use. Currently, the ABCWUA meets and exceeds the required EPA CCR’S. New threats, such as the impact of PFAS in all things, especially water, will require thoughtful effort and resources.
I expect cooperation and collaboration between the City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. Working together, I believe we can create acceptable short-term housing that will lead to long-term stable homes. “Acceptable” short-term housing is the key. It must be safe. It must be near enough to food establishments and services. It must have access to public transportation. As a community, we must expect high standards of facilities and of residents.
I firmly believe more needs to be done, however, more precise information should be available on the number of people who are admitted into rehabilitation services and the outcomes. Are community members who suffer addiction, substance abuse repeatedly going through the process? What success are these valuable and necessary resources producing? Better understanding within the community of these efforts and results will provide more positive dialogue allowing for more progress in this endeavor.
Safe, inviting communities that are well maintained attract businesses and jobs. Vibrant communities attract outstanding educators leading to a well-prepared workforce. Bernalillo County can improve the quality of life by improving its overall professionalism in permitting and regulation, waste management, taxation, and so forth. Along the way, District 3 deserves amenities such as more parks, better sidewalks, safe places to bike, walk and play with our children.
Campaign Mailing Address 3608 Mescalero Ct
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Campaign Phone 505-975-1710
I hold a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and have spent 30 years in the court system, the last 10 as Court Executive Officer. Elected Chair of the Court Executive Council three times, I've testified before City Council, County Commission, and Legislatures. As an administrator and educator, I've demonstrated strong capability to achieve results. My greatest strength is uniting people towards common goals, leveraging our collective efforts. Additionally, I have coached for 20 years.
Addressing crime is my top priority. With over 30 years in public service, including a decade as Court Executive Officer in Bernalillo County, I deeply understand the judicial system. I'm committed to fair case adjudications, not dismissals on technicalities. My collaborative approach aims to unite law enforcement, the judicial branch, and community groups to boost public safety. My record shows unwavering transparency, accountability, and ethics.

We all know crime does not occur in a vacuum, and that in order to create long standing substantial changes we need to take bold actions that will address the root issues of crime. These issues include getting people housed, getting people support for substance abuse issues, securing access to food, water, and healthcare, as well as ensuring access to education and job training so individuals are empowered to break the cycles that lead then into a life of crime and poverty.
Yes, county government should do more to address water availability and quality. I would support environmental efforts to conserve and reduce water use. Property tax incentives could be given to homeowners for upgrading water systems and using gray water as a means to reduce water use.
Yes, 100%. I strongly support affordable housing and believe housing first without conditions is the only way we can begin to address the state's homelessness problem.
Behavioral health services need to be properly funded in order to recruit and keep high quality staff and to ensure that staff is properly trained. We need multiple agencies working together to coordinate these services and we need to look to other cities who have made gains in this area for ideas and support.
By improving access to basic needs, education, job opportunities and improving public safety.