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Bernalillo County Treasurer

The County Treasurer is responsible for collecting property taxes in the county and distributing them to different government agencies. The Treasurer is also responsible for the supervision and investment of funds. Elected for a four-year term with no more than two terms in succession.

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    Tim Eichenberg

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    Lelan G Morrison

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    Kenneth Edward Scott Jr

Biographical Information

What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

What is your top priority, and how do you plan to address it?

What investment strategies do you think would benefit the county most?

What are the biggest challenges in the County Treasurer’s office?

Should the County Treasurer position continue to be an elected position? Why or why not?

Campaign Mailing Address 7800 Charger Trl NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Campaign Phone 505-710-1305
Occupation Former State Treasurer, former Bernalillo County Treasurer and part time Property Tax Consultant
As a former Bernalillo County Treasurer and former NM State Treasurer, my financial management experience is the cornerstone of my qualifications. Over 30 years of creating tax policy and implementing financial rules and regulations allows me to achieve results from day one. My ability to retain and recruit qualified personnel will enable the treasurers office to improve processes and leverage technology to meet the needs of our taxpayers.
My top priority is to ensure financial integrity for the residents of Bernalillo County. As the banker for the County, I will safeguard essential services, property tax collection and debt payments insuring timely distribution of those taxes. It's all about the work, getting to know the existing staff and supporting their contributions to the Treasurer's office will help our team be successful.
The Prudent Investment Rule of Safety, Liquidity and then Yield will be the foundation of my investment strategy. Investing with our local banking institutions keeps our money working for our residents in Bernalillo County. Following our current investment policy will protect funds and secure essential services and programs. Its been my experience that collaboration and partnering with the financial team of the County maintains diversification, statutory compliance and performance.
In a post covid workplace staffing and providing employees with flexible options is a challenge. Employees in the Treasurer's office are valuable. I will work to keep current staff through inovative staffing models. Updating the software to prevent Cybersecurity risk will be an ongoing challenge.
This is a question for the State Legislature and the voters of New Mexico. The change would require a constitutional amendment. Every opportunity for the Bernalillo County residents to exercise their voice by voting for their County officials is a positive choice. "Elections belong to the people." Abraham Lincoln
Campaign Mailing Address 56 Shady Oak Cir
Tijeras, NM 87059
Campaign Phone 505-350-0046
Campaign Email
Occupation Business Owner
I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. However that was 40 years ago and is not what qualifies me for County Treasurer. I have 41 years of experience owning my own business. I understand the pain of paying a multitude of taxes and seeing much of it wasted. I will do whatever is within my authority to make sure the taxpayers money is allocated and spent wisely. I understand business and financial instruments and am capable of investing in sound financial instruments.
My top priority is to help improve the reputation of New Mexico. New Mexico is ranked dead last in education, first in crime - both prperty and violent - and known as a corrupt state throughout the union. With all the authority granted to the County Treasurer's office I plan to improve accountability as to how tax payer funds are spent and invested.
The County Treasurer's office has to work within certain guidlines as to what financial instruments can be invested in. The financial world is ever changing as to which instrument yields the most and fits the different time needs of differnet departments and programs. I will address which stratgy is best in 2025 when I get into office.
The bigggest challenge in the County Treasurer's office may be the same as in any office when someone new steps in - "We've always done it this way". Besides that it's most likely making sure the funds available to be invested are also liquid at the right times to be available when needed.
YES. Any position of authority that involves fiduciary responsibily to New Mexican's needs to be an elected position. If the people don't like the way things are going they need to be able to kick you out. We've had Democrat leadership for over 40 yrs and look where we are. It's time most get kicked out and vote in new leadership.
Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 65312
Albuquerque, NM 87193
Campaign Phone 505-218-6789
Campaign Email
Twitter @Kenneth_Scott
Campaign Website
Occupation Deputy Assessor, Operations
With my background as Deputy Assessor, Operations, and former Deputy Treasurer, Finance, I bring a unique blend of experience, education, and a proven history of effective fiscal management to the table. In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, our community deserves a Treasurer's Office that not only keeps pace but leads the way in transparency, efficiency, and smart fiscal planning.
My top priority will be to continue the modernization of the office as well as retaining and recruiting top talent into the office. I plan to address it by leveraging my knowledge of the latest trends in digital banking and artificial intelligence, while utilizing the immense experience of the staff to enhance service delivery. This should also help with recruitment efforts.
I believe wholeheartedly in the SLY principle: Safety, Liquidity, then Yield - in that order. We have seen, with disastrous consequences, what happens when we deviate from that principle by chasing yield. My office will never do so. Additionally, I intend to continue the cash-matching portfolio to ensure we never have excess liquidity.
My top priorities mirror what I feel are the biggest challenges in the County Treasurer's Office: modernization and recruitment/retention. While the office has made tremendous strides over the last 7 years, it is time to make additional improvements to make the office more efficient and greener. Additionally, like other departments/offices, we also have human talent management challenges: employees are retiring that have institutional knowledge.
Yes, I believe the county treasurer should continue to be an elected position primarily for two reasons. First, it is inherently important for the top banker in the county to be directly accountable to the voters. Secondly, I believe that the treasurer position can be another community voice to check the concerns of county government. Local governments function better with increased accountability and transparency. Having an elected treasurer helps with those goals.